Mind Prison

Horrible as it is, we live in a heavily media/information control country. It’s like cages, endless space within but with completely surrounded bars. I was horrified at once when I come to realize that what we are actually facing and against.

I was doing some researches bout how to enhance the VPN of mine for a better experience online, but after the readings, or should I say, after the horrific facts that present to us from the past to the present, and maybe lasting forever to the future. I felt astonished, horrified, suffocating. The truth is, we can’t fight against them, they are too strong too powerful to us, here we don’t even make a force. The control of government has already been professional and specialized, they restrain their own countrymen at their will. The battle had and has already risen to a level where even experts can’t efficiently handle and tackle the situation of the GFW filtering. They are well funded and very capable, it’s difficult as well as ordinary people trying to get outside. Their deeds are ugly, very ugly, from any point of views. It’s devious doings.

I was once set up OpenVPN as my vpn services, but soon the IPs of my servers were blocked, completely, from keeping connecting to it. That means I have tried several times, each time with a different IP, different server, but the truth is, they will track you down, and finally terminate the connection between you and your server. I found out this after repeatedly recreating servers few times.

It’s just this, a heavy media and information control country stands upon the earth and claims themselves as being a diverse and freedom of press and communicating freely country, which is totally the contrary.

Suffering from the heavy culture censorship, people are jailed for being a Chinese. A mind prison created by CCP, flourish it, prosper it, develop it, to a point presently where most of Chinese lack creativity and decency, few people know the outside world. Heck, it seems outside world is a mystery to the insiders, some of them advocate and sing for the outside world yet with lesser knowledge of true outsiders, some of them hate the outside world for no reason, possibly because of not believing the advantages the outside world could get; being cynical; being arrogant and unreasonable. But either of these situations shows that they don’t know anything about the outside world, introducing the culture censorship.

It’s sad they, I, living under this society environment, and we have no sufficient power to stand against, to fight back, to acquire what is belonged to us, to take back the rights what a true citizen of this century should have. Now we’re too small, separated, not united, as an independent group, as an organization, as an equivalent force, for a common cause, fight against them, fight for our rights.

There are occasionally captures of well-expertise people trying and succeeding in breaking/circumventing the GFW, perhaps “capture” is not the right word for this, people with this expertise normally will be sent forcefully to some police departments, allegedly having a conversation with upper officials, worse, getting into jail but few people know.

This is how CCP works, how they treat their people, and thus there’re people who committed the “crimes” fleeing to foreign countries.

It’s physically a surrounded wall we hardly can climb across, meanwhile a true mind prison for those who living in it, which causing a significant effect on people’s mindsets and their behaviors continuously.

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