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You know, when we are talking about family. We are like talking about all the messy stuff out there in a hole. But when I look back at my family, and the history of it, what consists of this family, the three of us, my father, my mother and me, but the point is, my parents, they’re just some really plain to dirt and regular petty citizens in this society.

I tried to avoid my parents as far as possible. In my age, this is just not a regular thing to do to live with my parents.

And family, ah, what am I talking about here.

You know, the mindset is a horrible thing, once you have something deep into the mind, it’s really difficult to change that, which is why there is a generation gap there. My parents are stubborn people, they don’t change what they usually do and the way they always think. I’ve seen a lot of people like this, this leads to a consequence where there is no end that they limit themselves their horizons and the new things that happen to them. Which is why you should be open minded, to appreciate more new stuff.

People are just like this I think, being stubborn, being too excessively loyal to their own thoughts, which leads to a narrow end where they can never get to understand what other people trying to tell them. It’s pathetic, though.

My family now is a burden to me honestly, my father and my mother can’t help me a single bit, they are too useless to my life right now.

I started to wonder what my parents gave me in my lifetime, I figure nothing thou, they didn’t put too many efforts on me. I basically grow up myself.

Back in elementary school, I didn’t learn too much from them, it’s more of my neighbor big brother and sister, and later my classmates and friends and teachers that influence me a lot, maybe not teachers thou, it’s more alike peers or age around of mine.

But later shit went down, I started to do it all by myself, and I learned a lot from myself and my hard work of that time.

They? They really, didn’t do too much mental helpful things despite providing me a place to sleep when it’s fucking weekend.

People saying that parents are the first teacher to childs, to this age, I don’t feel like I am like any of them. Despite the look that inherits from them, I don’t have pretty much any characteristic things like them.

My mother is a woman who fears a lot of things, she’s been feared her whole life. My father is a man who couldn’t hold his horses at all, being a very tense and anxious man once he meets anything that’s hard to dealt with. And literally have no life at all. Typically my father, I always wonder why in hell my lifetime would’ve been through so much awful, bizarre people around me, I guess it figures since my father is one of them. No wonders why I always get so much pain, guess people would just follow you coz you have the similar person around.

They can’t help me anything and love to screw and fuck my things up. Still, typically my father, an arrogant self-centered with no respect at all prick who loves to insert his own very little smart into and sabotage my plan! My whole plan! This is just unforgivable. And he acts like he doesn’t care at all, he pays no respect at all. He just doesn’t give a fuck, he doesn’t care about others things, he only thinks of himself and does things using his foolish mind filled with stupidity. He doesn’t care about how other things work, only see things using his very little own way, he thinks that’s just, that’s what it’s meant to be. Just a self-centered arrogant prick who loves to daydream especially.

My mother can’t even do things to help me. She can’t, she’s that kind of person would panic whenever there’s a social decision she needs to make. Simple example, car accident, she was hit by someone with a scratch on her car. It’s a small thing, and then she panicked. And I had to confront the other driver in this case.

Just how come these people into my life? Like did I do something wrong my previous life?

They can’t help me anything, basically everything I need to do it myself. It’s ok as long as they don’t fucking intervene and sabotage my fucking plans and my things!

But they don’t listen, like never! Never listen to me at least once! That’s why I brought the mindset things up above.

Seriously, I complained that I have such parents, but it’s just too painful to keep letting them interrupt my life, that’s why I need to get going, away from them.

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