The Chinese Restaurants in Russia

There’s something alike china in Russia, here in St Petersburg. The walking of people and the massiveness of crowd engaging outside of the Moscow Railway Station.

I always feel an impulse killing me when I’m alone, it’s a periodic thing, it’ll strike time by time, as long as I got my sight interlaced with others. The fear of being stared is something I can’t control, till now I still can’t understand why people are staring at me or either just watching me when i’m passed by.

Yeah, it’s strange, till now I don’t have any conclusion neither any reason to explain all these.

I see people are running for a living here in Russia, there are also people who are poor or just ordinary just like chinese.

By the way, russian girls are so damn drastically hot, like hot af.

The solitary travel’s defects are being very costly and time-consuming, being alone is always going to let you pay more when you’re with friends, and it’s hard to say no either. OF course and unsafe. And consuming time, if you got friends, you can just order a taxi in the journey of a city. But if it’s alone, nope, that would be too expensive and unnecessary to do. So either you’re being freaking rich or being freaking free on time, you’d feel like it’s a dream to travel alone, theoretically.

I’m here currently in a Chinese restaurant opened in the center of the St Petersburg, the prices are kind of unreasonable(bit higher than average) compared to other restaurants in SP, as well as Moscow. The owner of this restaurant is probably a greedy ass man. The dishes here are just plainly simple and easy to make. And the size of the food is pretty small, not even enough to be full. Yeah, like WTF, you call this a chinese restaurant with chinese food? Nope.

Staffs here can speak chinese, not quite well but can handle the basic conversations, and one of them speaks very well chinese. See that? People are actually being hard making a living here. They learned chinese so long they can attract chinese tourists.

Here comes a big phenomenon – chinese are all over the world. It’s strange if you can’t see chinese people in famous cities around the world. And businessman trying to make money from them, that’s the truth.

Ah what the fuck, chinese are just all around the fucking world.

I’m tired of this shit.

It’s so hard being profound on this world, shitty things just happen everywhere and being nasty and fucked up. But I can’t change a shit about that, only being hatred about it.

The fact making me angry is that dumb heads chinese are grasping their money pouring whatever the fuck they want, and being dumb ass like. It’s just stupid people with money consuming in places like wtf man. Yep.

This is a fucked up world, pretty sure about that.

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