About Chinese

Chinese is a very powerful and simply to use language compared to English and european languages system. Every new word doesn’t require the full understanding of each character and you can guess the meaning of the word even without context, it’s what English can’t do.

Recently I’ve read a post about the effort rules that apply in English language.

How many words do I need to know? The 95/5 rule in language learning ...READ MORE

Golden Boy – A True Legend Arises.

I love this anime series, the protagonist’s captivating personalities are the shining points for the whole show. Hilarious but very cool and moody.

I always wanted to be somebody like him, a traveler, or a 侠, 侠的精神在他身上彻底的被展现出来了。


像男主一样,疯狂的海绵学习能力,一部越野山地走遍天下,不断地帮助路上的人。 ...READ MORE


Politics are actually the contending for resources, the ultimate purpose is resources.

政治,其最终目的就是资源。资源的多少,所在,决定了政治的不同立场。/ The amount of resources decides the contrastive political perspectives.

What the politicians want is more than their representations, when things comes to politics I always wondering why would a man care about his fellow citizens and the voters to elect. ...READ MORE