Politics are actually the contending for resources, the ultimate purpose is resources.

政治,其最终目的就是资源。资源的多少,所在,决定了政治的不同立场。/ The amount of resources decides the contrastive political perspectives.

What the politicians want is more than their representations, when things comes to politics I always wondering why would a man care about his fellow citizens and the voters to elect.

Is it full selfless worthy contributes? It’s got personal.

I can’t think of anything rather than money and powers that humans have ever pursued in our long long civilized history. The reason of being rich and powerful is also a fulfilling of satisfaction and welfare. And either way, could simultaneously grant you the other side, and each way would grant you more resources. That’s why I’m talking the goal of politics is the contending of resources.

Resource is a beautiful thing, it contains information, wealth, contacts everything you need to live at the top social classes.

Why is a carefree billionaire competing for president? What does he want? Isn’t the wealth full enough for him? Why does he want to play in the politicians game?

Like I’m saying, either it’s powers or wealth, it could gain you resources. And human is always greedy for more, they lust everything they don’t own.

I’m not saying Donald Trump is not running for president instead of playing it, I’m saying he doesn’t only represent the voters, the citizens who follow his beliefs, he also represents himself, the greedy nature of every human being.

Is he crazy? I don’t think that’s matter currently anymore, what we see and what we saw on the presidential debate, is A Dilemma for ALL American people.

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