Maybe I Know Why I’m Always Isolated or in Solitude

Just from all the environments I have encountered, I would find myself sixty or fifty percent chance ended up isolating myself. Either it’s me exclude myself from others, which is a lesser case, or people in the environment isolate me.

In many cases I can not figure out why and how so people isolate me for nothing, and it’s something that I’m always wondering the answers.

But I can tell how I isolated myself from the others though, it’s a self-protection measure, and well I have to admit that I see people’s inner sides very quickly. I can understand the motives and the behaviors from what a person does, I get the things that are inside their personalities.

Do I hate them? Depends, people who hurt me I do hate them the most, I want them dead, but people with no harm to me? Well i guess I’d not hang out with him next time.

I have my own values, I know exactly what i am pursuing whenever it comes to anything. That’s probably the big contrast between me and other people in this society. I’m somehow just stand at a different angle and different point from any others, that’s the rare ability I got. Of course, I can simply just stand aside and speak nothing, that’s how I act at the most of the situations, but when it comes to personal, I have to act to defend my assets and values.

I know my strength and limit, and I know people’s motives and their personalities once after a long contact with them. You’d know, what are people capable of and not. Right?

Truth is, sometimes it just contradicts when my values confront with the average others, there’s no win though, the solution for values’ contradictions is simply respect one another’s ideas. Yes, simply respect the other’s ideas and values. Don’t try to change it, respect it, respect his/her way of thinking.

Because people are different, you can’t push everyone to think like you do. It’s what? Bad luck? Or I am just an introvert who doesn’t know how to properly socialize? Maybe, but fuck that.

It’s the men. If you meet somebody who is cool, then cool. If they are fucktards, then you are fucked.

It’s hard for me, I am not quite good at socializing, so my chace would always end up with meeting similar persons who share the same views and values. But that is not what real life presents to me.

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