Irrational and Unfair

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Entering more and more deep down the culture of America, Europe, foreigners, I get more and more unsettling.

The scariest thing I’m afraid is that they’re the same as the Chinese.

Why I don’t like Chinese you may ask, yes I do dislike them, coz I know them well, what kind of people they are – stupid, irrational, dumb, unfair, illogical all sorts of abnormal behaviors and attitudes. That’s why makes me dislike them. Yes, I’d say that when you’re in a more peer environment, human differs from lots of things, generation/age, appearance, background, culture, a lot. But I think im talking about the common thing here now.

Simply put, one of my threads got deleted by mods on a steam forum. The ting that tingles me is not that rare people replying the content of my post but crying and angry for getting spoilered.

This is really a stupid problem here, but I want to talk about the situation’s reasons simply. It’s pretty simple thou, it’s not really my fault, and to be fair, not my fault at all. First, you got a forum, then there’s the discussion place. Second, there’s no explicit rules of spoiler posts executions, and I’m doing all good to just imitate others’ spoiler posts, and the features provided for a spoiler prevention. Third, everybody’s talking about spoilers then why the fuck it’s only my fault and I got deleted? Fourth, people get spoilered everyday, every single day, why makes it such a big deal? If you don’t want to get spoilered, this is politely put now, then don’t look at it.

The situation behind this is rather irritating and unsettling. They were definitely thinking irrational then, I hate this, no brain illogical being and thinking.

Which triggers me that what would it be after I go abroad? This is kind of a common situation you’d have met in life considering the whole things.

I thought that would be a lot different after I sail abroad, but if things gonna turn like this, just…. Fuck, hell no I’d be going.

Which really tingles me.

Unfair and irrational.

What’s worse, I couldn’t find a moderator at all. It’s near impossible to know who deleted my post, this is the shit I’ve been undergoing all the time, foreigners suck at services, they can’t provide some standard and decent services at all, fuck them.

This just looks bad. People need to think clearly and fairly about things and situations. And one thing more, don’t fucking get influenced by the herd for fuck sake.

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