What Do Japanese Think About Chinese?

Oh man, in China there’s still many people hate japanese because of the enduring historical problems.

I personally doubt that Japanese saying they won’t discriminate Chinese.

I think it’s pretty obvious there’s discrimination, here you can see, the interviewees have all stated some bad impressions to Chinese people. That’s the nuanced difference there you see? It won’t be 100% “I am totally ok with chinese, we can be bffs forever”, trust me you won’t find that in majority.

I have learned from some abroad Japan Chinese, there are situations where they will get discriminated. Though it’s probably out of historical problem for sure, and the media portrayals.

Well anyway it’s on camera, you can’t just explicitly stating you hate Chinese and you want to kill them all.

Anyway China’s political situation is also sensitive. Xi is propagandizing his anti-corruption cause and imposing heavy anticorruption regulations, lots of corrupted officers (Well who knows if they’re really all corrupted?) are busted and kicked out of the system, what he’s actually doing is cleansing the political hierarchy, so that no useless garbages would stay in the team when war explodes. See what’s going on here? The near future is probably gonna wage war towards Japan, US, or some southeast asian countries, I’m not sure which one, but it’s likely to have one. Probably in 20 years or so, depends on diplomacy.

And understand that corruption exists in every age, every country as long as there’s a governing system, it’s all about the degree. You can’t exterminate it, you can only suppress it.

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