Fifty Shades of Messed Up – Fifty Shades of Grey Review

fifty shades of grey
Coz I’m fifty shades of fucked up. – Christian Grey, Fifty Shades of Grey 

‘Twas a movie that discusses sex and love made controversies back in two years. I first thought it was what it was of the explicit sex scenes that uphold it under the spotlight, but it is not. The movie talks lot more love than sex.

Intriguingly though, those who are surprised by the sex scene must be some kind of conservatives. I mean, you got the upfront porns to reach, such a great deal eh?

Well the female protagonist obviously doesn’t fit the typical hot protagonists standards, she’s pretty much like your first girlfriend or something. A very nobody, a cute, little, lovely and caring first love you might have in a typical context. Just a girl of freedom, loving, and if you do good you may as well end up holding hands for the rest of the lives.

On the contrary, our male protagonist, isn’t that much of typical as a loving boyfriend, which normally would appear sunny, naughty, and warm-hearted. He’s cold, ice cold, always not smiling, putting up a poker face all day long.

It’s not really that kind of shitty soap operas we’ve been watching a lot, it actually sparkles tensions between both of them, and the reasons why this movie was so controversial and on hype, are that the explicit scenes and the open discussion on fetishes. And of course, the unusual duo of the protagonists, a rather typical and very novel-like couple (and it does come from a novel), the love story of an aggressive boss and a submissive “female” employee or here as in a reporter.

The explicit scenes in this movies make up a lot of time, people think of it as a theater porno.

And the rather taboo discussion of fetishes is also shown in this movie, the Sado Masochism, SM. A fetish that normal people don’t touch at all. But other people do.

So what’s it like watching a porno in a movie theater right? Exhilarating. And thus it would spark arguments between whether should it go this low on the explicit settings.

And what others make up this movie to be popular? Its plot, it’s actually quite good, on a serious angle viewing its plot.

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