Gender Equality

Recently I’ve been researching about gender equality.

Like the recent campaign Free the Nipple, says it’s a movement to seek legal and political rights for women and the attention to respect and equalize women’s position.

And actually this kind of thing always relates to LGBT and whatnots. So one thing for gender equality here is a phenomenon that I need you guys to see.

What would we call a woman if she had sex with multiple men at the same time? – A slut. And it’s a gangbang. But what would a man be called if he had sex with multiple women at the same time? Bros would cherish him if he had done such a “great” move, and sis/gals are like kind of meh about this.

This society, I’m talking about Chinese and American, it’s not just west/the States. We condemn those women who are not faithful in a relationship, we hate them in guts, let alone playful girls. But we tolerate men in this kind of matter, we neglect this, we wouldn’t be proud, but no we don’t really give a damn about.

Yes, the male dominant society still hasn’t changed a bit since the transition in ancient world.

The point of gender equality is not gender equality, is the change to bring down male’s dominance and replace it with female’s – turn it upside down.

When females are the dominant in the society, and males are the subordinate to females, then the culture inequity would turn against males.

There’s no more calling slut for some woman had sex with multiple guys at the same time. In fact, there would be invented terms like “male-slut” for some man had sex with multiple girls at the same time.

Funny isn’t it?

But that’s how this society works.

Deeper into this, in a thought – is that either by natural or by manual, women seem to be more dumb than men, and men are always the party that manipulates the other one. This is historically correct.

In all wars, hardly you will see women on the battlefield, and top of all that, some purposes of the wars are mainly for women. See that? That’s a belonging trait there. It’s like women are actually belongings to men, they’re things, they’re not equalized as men on the social scale.

And I’ve read about a theory that, what our society’s distribution of jobs, are mostly on the account of how different men and women are, the differentiation on women and men are based on each other’s physical and mental difference, goods and bads.

I can’t guarantee this is true, but it looks real, existent in our life.

So it’s basically impossible to change the dominant-submissive relation in between men and women. Thus go back to Free the Nipple, what they’re doing right now, might be totally futile.

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