Language Intrigued

Language would evolve from time to time, that’s why it’s a living thing has its own life.

Language always carries the deep and profound culture basis of a nation, the people live and die with the language, and the language thus inherits from generations to generations.

The problem is, are we truly understand the language we are using? Are we qualified enough to use it creatively and constructively?

Language is the basis of how a region’s people communicate with each other, but as the border expands, the language would be carried and spread onto the alien land. Thus the language grows even lively and stronger.

We teach kids at elementary/primary school every day of their mother tongue, but we can’t assure that every kid would grow up a wise man to use the language wisely.

Language is so fundamental that you won’t survive without it in a human society, language is a second life.

Some languages have rules, others don’t. But no matter the regulations or whatnots, language is being used so much that it has gone wild and created tons of variants and volatilities.

I think as the time moves on, languages must adapt and adopt the need of modern societies.

Lingua Franca, the English, is the common tongue that is populated through worlds. But English is a weird language, it’s not that much efficient compared to my mother tongue, the Chinese. I have made comparison before in my posts about the contrasts between the two languages.

Anyway, English needs to evolve just like how written Chinese has transformed from Traditional Chinese into Simplified Chinese, I’d say it’s one of the greatest 20th century inventions in China. Much more efficient and clear and simple to deliver the message to listeners.

OK, history aside, now the focal point is that are people really using the language as efficient as we imagine it would be? Aren’t people abusing the language at all?

The answer is a sure yes.

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