My Biggest Rant and Pessimism to the Society

Yeah I’m pessimistic to society too, or rather cynical.

I’m just disappointed you know? Humans are disgusting and sometimes I really wonder what’s point of living among all of these stupidest norm and herd?

General public is basically the most no-brainer of the most no-brainer.

And smart people I met, aren’t that much similar to me, they’re either evil or in a way that is stupid either. Flaws.

Nobody seems to care anybody, are you saying they’re selfish? Yeah, probably. But in the most essence sense that it’s not they’re selfish, it’s just they’re the norms, they’re the stupidity and they’re the conformity. If one is truly selfish you can see from him, someone cares for his family and love ones aren’t selfish in a sense, they’re alienated to strangers.

Contradicts. I started to feel pessimist now right in the midst of writing.

And there’s the problem that various people perceived various views, how you interpret an idea is different from how they do in mind. This creates gap between people, this relates to their level of skills of the language they’re using, the comprehension they have learned so forth, values, and morals. And in real world, we have so many people born in different backgrounds, somebody was born a criminal because his family is a history of criminals, somebody born rich, somebody born average. And the most of us, are average. Should we comply with fate? I’m not a fate-believer so no. But others are. They failed, and never want to try again, they complied, they compromised, they stepped back or fell down, they just start to believe that there’ s a thing called fate, there’s a shit call destiny, and it is bound to happen to them for where they are now.

Who are we to blame? The society? The individual? Or the I dunno, the fucking world? This fucking life?

It’s not fate that exists in reality, it’s inheritance that exists in reality, in our world. Unless you cut out the inheritance tradition and regulations, it’s nearly impossible to have everyone start at the same level. There’s always, people who are initially, beyond you, or behind you.

Blame whom? Non fate-believer says there’s no one to blame, yet everyone is guilty. My biggest rant and pessimism to the society.

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