Rubber-band Man

It’s not unusual, to see, how a man can sustain cruel environments under his wits.

I wanna talk about the resilience of human.

Human, is very strong, talking about adaptability.

You give them harsh environments, they can sustain the hurt from it. Make them bend, they won’t get too bogged up. Humans are inherently resilient, I am amazed  by the adaptability the race has. Talking in real life, human itself is so resilient and modifiable for everything.

Either China, US, or other freer countries. It’s not about freedom. It’s just how people can manage to handle it.

Where China, has a lot of regulations for civilians. But humans are like this, you put them in a cage, then they live in a cage, they can live in there as long as you don’t kill them. They make to adapt, to sustain and bear with it.

Objectively, you can see China is much less liberal than US, I can’t argue that US is all free and nothing else. It’s just, men, you put them in cave, they live with it; you put them in a palace, they flourish with it. 

At the end, people are sheepo, peasants. And as not being a sheepo, pursuing freedom and better lives become the primary goal of us kind of men.

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