Steven Spielberg Is a Legend, so Does Frank Abagnale Jr. – Catch Me If You Can Review

Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, these two talented men combined together make a symphony.

Catch Me If You Can, a biography drama film that is based on the legendary Frank Abagnale Junior, the renowned con master for his juvenile deeds/stunts.

I have learned something in the movie, which is: Man, with talents, and a good heart, you can never, never cage the man’s possibilities from extending himself beyond ordinary and merits.

And again, brilliantly told, there is never, a clear boundary between white and black; justifiable or indefensible.

He had been a criminal, then he became a criminal who helped the cops, and then he left prison and helped create an even better system for financial fraud in the United States.

Frank is not evil, and so does Carl is not good. They lied to each other, and they confessed truth to each other.

You know what the intriguing part of this film is? Carl has no friend, so does Frank. This was indicated at the early film. A financial fraud detective whose reports no one cares, and the other high school freshman is ignored and mocked. They are all alone, but the peculiar magical relation – a cop and a rad, make them can’t be closer to each other.

Nobody understands anything they’re dealing with, but these two, they understand each other so well, unfortunately they’re playing cops and criminals. This is the reason why Frank always calls Carl every Christmas, he needed to talk, he needed to vent himself out. But nobody, there is nobody, in the world would understand him, no one understands his state of life, understands his struggles in heart. Carl, plays this role who can fully understand what he is doing, and can not not get any closer than others.

And there are a lot of repetitive phrases and lines in the film, which can output the characters’ inner struggles and mental activities.

This is a film that ultimately revolves around the legendary young man Frank Abagnale Junior, the things in him made him a household legend.

It’s a young man’s struggle against the society, and it’s also a young man’s return to society. It compels him to do bad, yet embraces him with open arms for return. It is indeed an interesting story that shall be up on silver screen and let all of us, to see how a young man become a con, and later, an FBI agent, the last, a legend.

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