Tales from the Borderlands Review

Overall, 5.5/10 or 6/10.

Not exactly a game would recommend to buy if you appreciate the regular way that Telltales does.

All 5 episodes, only like 3 and 5, which are great and fun to play and watch.

Other things, it doesn’t have a very complex story, it got that cheesy taste of humor from Borderlands, but yeah sometimes it’s fun to watch. Character development isn’t as good as other Telltales titles go, for example, TWD season 1 and 2, and Game of Thrones, the Wolf Among Us. So from that it doesn’t have a complex story, very predicatble, lacking a lot of surprises and chills as others do.

And episodes other than 3 and 5, QTEs are just boring as hell. The worst thing Telltales could ever done and always does, is their bad QTEs, it doesn’t have any meaning of QTEs, simply putting there to add some extra controls for players to “feel” they’re actually in control and in immersion. However, it actually doesn’t do the good.

And what they are doing now, like Batman and Michonlle two titles, they just massively insert QTEs, which worsen the games so much and it doesn’t have any meaning of doing so. Because, above all, they still make that few of buttons for you to QTE. They just suck at actions, maybe stop doing that would be good, or otherwise find another way to QTE or just quit the QTE thing and implement another way of action controls. And I’d tell you Life is Strange is doing very good from that, it doesn’t even have QTEs, but actions are full of the game.

And I’d say Borderlands’ graphics style very matches Telltale’s, since they’re both comic style. And you’d definitely enjoy playing this after you beat Borderlands 2, and that was the intention.

Typically regarding the narrative-oriented games, choices are basically everything but frivilous. A good NO game means that you get to make tough choices, this is what makes a game harder and worthier on its social social aspects. A game would innovate the same time, question about players wit and personality. To do that, a tough choice means a choice doesn’t do the good to the good and bad to the evil, it means if you choose it, it has sacrifice, you have to lose something for the choice. You need to contemplate before you make a decision, a tough decision where you won’t get the winwin, rather an even, or even worse. To have a winwin or to the wrost situation, should only depend on the process of you making the choices, the chances of these outcomes, should be rare. That is, what makes a narrative-oriented game great, and replayable. Otherwise would just end up like this one, you’d ditch it sideways once you finished it. Tough choices give players the curiosity to find out the “what if”, what if I didn’t choose that, what would happen to our protagonist, what would happen to the supporting role? That’s the thing we, want to see in a “tough” narrative-oriented game.

Episode 3 and 5 are fun to play, worth the price.

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