The Congenital and the Acquired

As human we live in a society where restrain to inheritance system.

We can’t deconstruct the system per se, inheritance has been in human life probably since civilization. Hence the congenitals.

We have to admit, among most of us, are just ordinary human beings who grow up in a normal environment and fed up with normal juice and corns. But somebodies are born with high standards of living, they are fed up with milk and turkeys, metaphorically.

People saying money can corrupt one person, that’s just being hostile to rich. No it’s not. Truth proven, that if one man is educated well enough, with the rich resources he possesses, he’ll do much more help and contribution to the project, community or society than others lesser than him.

I’m a non fate believer. I don’t believe in fate. But the inheritance system made it that some people are born far ahead of the starting line and some far behind, which is utmost disappointing and depressing. It makes me depressed, knowing that I was born ordinarily, and some people are already ahead of me because nothing about himself the man.

Even though we have to admit people fail on the way to farforth, but meantime there are also whom succeed. Those become great personalities. And I want to become a great personality, or more precisely a legend, either. Starting from being a king. A king that rules and reigns over his life, conquer his surroundings.

I just, I don’t know what else to say. Like I have to do everything myself. There’s not much people helping me achieving my goal, all along my life journey. Some, some, few, helped me on my way to greatness. Far from enough I’d say.

I can make some good translation, I can brand some good products of myself, but that’s far from enough of pushing me to the greatness I’ve pursued so long. I lack experiences; I lack horizons; I lack practical skills; I lack adequate knowledge to accomplish greatness; I lack a partner supports and makes the best out of me and understands me; I lack a mentor; I lack bunch of friends that share the same vision as mine.

I lack everything that is necessary to accomplish greatness.

And yet I also have no idea where do I find these.

The congenitals would laugh hard about this, since their “helpful” forebears have already set the path for them, it’s up on them to whether get into the right track.

But me? I have to find the right track. I maybe at the beaten track now and I need to plan my next move so I don’t fuck up and have repercussions.

I have to start from scratch. And I have my personal experience that I also need attention to, I have to protect myself from harms.

Looks pretty freely, but actually very tidy and difficult for a freeman. This is what mostly the modern world would force upon any freeman out there. Your choice, your consequence.

Dumb people are everywhere, at least in china, it’s everywhere. They just fucking brand you, they brand you into ordinary, even though you made something grand and great. They just fucking branded you, and say that, “Oh, there’s that, that’s a good video. That’s a good translation.”

You know what? Fuck you! It’s great! And it shall be great! Why are you branding me with all the other garbage and crap mortal shit together? All those “human”, fucking shit. They make no good translation, let alone being great.

I want great, hence I do great. I don’t like being branded as mortal as possible, coz I’m not the mortal and I am not the normal. I wanna be great, I wanna make great.

A legend, a king and a personality.

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