The Last of Us Review

A very superpar game of contemporary industry.

‘Magine the graphics, the mechanics, the plot, the scope and the character development. Everything, everything is exceeding the present standard.

Naughty Dog sure pulled off a great stunt that has impressed any one of us, even the last of us.

We need to just take a time, to simply appreciate how much work they have put into this work.

I read a lot of reports on how they make a game, and most of them, are action-shooter games. So this type of games needs the team to put on a lot of efforts on cinematics. And one thing we notice is that although the game is very enticing, but we don’t see many characters in the game, the whole world is based on a rather simple setting. And thus they can put a huge amount of time into polishing and QA, QC the whole project.

But still, these are some top notch work out there. Naughty Dog sure is one of the best studios in the world right now.

The Last of Us is incredibly mesmerizing, I haven’t even touched the game yet, by only watching its full movie, I can feel the immersiveness from the game. This game is so well crafted, makes me want to buy it even after I have seen all cutscenes.

The character development in this game, is of utmost top level job. Each one of the characters in this game has soul, a true soul that us audience can see as clear as possible.

Joel, is a merciless bastard. An incredibly selfish being. His emotions towards our little girl Ellie is nuanced yet warm, and that, doesn’t change his nature of being merciless and selfish. After he lost his daughter, he has learnt the harsh truth of the mad world–you either live, or you die.

This harsh world has made him an impeccable ironman, a man that doesn’t receive anything and always works on his own. He has a high wall of himself, and he doesn’t trust anyone. The only friend he left, was Tess, before she sacrificed herself for the greater good.

The other side, we got our female protagonist, Ellie. A brave young girl who is immune to the virus that is poisoning the world. Tess sacrificed herself for this girl’s escape. And Joel, as promised, he carried on the duty of escorting the girl to destination.

Joel doesn’t trust Ellie at first at all, he fended himself heavily with a wall that blocks Ellie 3 miles away and leaves her alone.

Through times, this duo has blossomed a nuanced relationship.

Ellie is a post-apocalypse born girl whose upbringing never really helped her develop anything. She is a girl that has no dependence and all alone herself.

Joel, on the other hand, is a man that experienced the outbreak, and has worn out all of his feelings to the reality. He’s all alone out there too.

So Joel, through times, starts to develop a parental love to Ellie, to make up his loss in the outbreak, and rely on her. While Ellie, was all alone initially, starts to accept Joel as her father-like character and also rely on him. This duo slowly becomes father and daughter, and the relationship bonds them really well.

At the end of the game, what we know is that everything is fucked. Because Ellie’s brain has long developed a tumor that prevents her from being infected, and that’s the immune source. But pealing off the tumor means the death of Ellie absolutely, so Joel can not accept this truth, even though through all the way what they tried to achieve was to deliver Ellie to the lab and save humanity.

This harsh truth is just like the one back in the outbreak, where Joel lost his daughter.

So this father-sense starts to tingle strongly, and Joel can not accept the fact to lost another daughter. He rejected, he rejected all, he rejected everything. “Fuck this world and fuck your humanity, humanity is doomed I don’t care, I only want my baby girl back.” Even though Ellie herself accepted her inevitable death.

This selfish bastard at last saved his daughter, but doomed all humanity. It’s really harsh, not just for Ellie, but also to us. As an audience, I can see that humanity is doomed absolutely, but thinking about Joel’s action, I think it’s completely logical. Joel is a man of himself, he never accepts others and trusts anyone ever, only he accepted Ellie is just an act of making up his loss in the outbreak. So this selfish act just proves more that Joel is a cruel and selfish bastard. Completely logical, yet tragic.

But this, is the top notch writing here. This twist is completely unexpected, yet totally logical. I really admire what they have done to this plot and character development. Great job, Naughty Dog, great job.

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