The Predicted Short Lifespan of Overwatch

Overwatch is very popular recently, it has risen up to the top one competitive game in South Korea multiplayer games leaderboard, just had happened as the game launched one month before that.

This game, from the start that I got the touch with it, till now that I’m fancying the game.

The game has changed the industry drastically, professional players who do eSports for a living are jumping to Overwatch and leave League behind, for the pure new excitement and pleasure that Overwatch has. In other words, Overwatch is intoxicating.

This game, before I bought it, from the scratches of info my friends provided me, I thought the game must be a hype, a game that has its 10 minutes popularity and would fade into oblivion just after a short period.

Turns out, I was not fully wrong nor fully right. The game got its potentials, the user base has grown tremendously in the past few months, the game quickly becomes the worldwide gaming phenomenon where everybody is talking about it and everybody is playing it. It ranges from Europe to US, to China and even Latin America, Blizzard got many servers up and running for this game. But even so, the eSports are still as satisfying as League’s eSports, if there’s going to be a compete. This is just the early development, nobody knows what comes next in ESports. But also, the game got the characteristics of every hype been in the past, so the game is definitely going to be a hype for sure.

It’s definitely not a MOBA, nor a knock out of League. It’s a brand new idea and excites people

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