The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

A beautiful crafted game by Astronaut.

From sounds, visuals and plot, everything wafts a current of peace and uncanniness.

Walking on a sleepy railroad, first encountered in the peaceful valley, little does he know, a limb lies down the road. The detective goes on investigating it, a little more discovered, a little more portions of truth unveiled.

One man alone the whole world, we, as a detective, seek to solve the murders scatter around Red Creek Valley. Voodoo and sensation are the forensics of our peculiar investigation.

Short and worthy.

Bought the game on discount and played like 1 year ago? And pick up again. UE4 indeed exceeds some levels of my expectation. A far improvement than UE3. Using this engine the game can possibly look like this, and better. Techniques like this could be used least 4 or 5 years ago, consoles drag down the development of topnotch graphics. Anyway, there’s a VR version now, so I believe it’ll be more immersive than playing on PC. Graphics is stunning.

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