Words that sound better however are not that good

A lot of words, they’re very sound, they’re good, once you hear it.

It would enable your associations with lots of good images, given you good old things, by which I mean fantasies.

This is the problem, things that look better, they’re actually not that better. Things that sound better, they’re actually not that good.

Bilingual. Such a fascinating name eh? If someone says you’re a bilingual, should you be pleased and proud at the second they say it?

Nah, man, bilingual possibly is the bottom rank of any num-lingual, even alingual(Alingual) is better than bilingual.

Think about it, if you’re a bilingual, that means you master two languages, that means, two and only, two languages. People are saying, well, that’s awesome, I can’t handle two languages, puffff, they’re too fuzzy.

That’s, that’s no, not correct. Bilingual is the biggest num-lingual groups in the world. Who are bilingual by the way? Why would people want to be bilingual? Ever thought of that? Bilingual people are most of the people that work or live in another nation/country that differentiates than their motherland.

Who are they? They’re bilingual.

Who really are they?

They are nobody.

Yes. Bilinguals are nobody, nobody than nobody. They live in another country different from their mother country.

They’re not the living country’s countrymen. They’re foreigners, and perceived foreigners.

After living, working, studying in another country shall these people return, or not. They have adapted the other nation’s custom, the other, behaviors. And they become aliens to their own compatriots.

They suddenly changed from proud sailors abroad to aliens to both nations. They are nobody then.

No one recognizes them. So some people choose to stay to strive for the recognition and receiveness of the other nation’s countrymen, trying to be as much alike as those people. Some people choose to return, by ditching all the custom and mindsets learned from the exotic outer lands, and revert to phase one. Though some of the habits hard to fade away, but they manage to be accepted by their own compatriots. Hmm. Kinda hard for them to ditch eh? Those beautiful memories still tingle, whilst they fall asleep.

So, are we saying that num-lingual more than bi would be good? Well that depends on real situations. Like tri, quadra, auguous blah blah blah. If one masters eight languages, and he chooses to be a travel guide or translator among eight countries. Then I’d say he’s a world man, wow, another sounding word eh? Well, he’s got an unsettle life I’d tell ya, tripping and flying all around eight countries, Never Settle is his motto.

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