Are Successful People Really Going to Tell the Real Stories?

Fulfillment is my personal creed and all this blog is about.

In this world, not much people are telling the success stories, real success stories, to “zeros”. 

We all want success aren’t we? We want all sorts of things to fill up our partially filled desires. 

From preachers, to successful people, everyone seems telling the exact same moral. Be it hard working, be it self learning, be it have wits, be it have perseverance…

No one from them is telling anything tangible, but all are selling you the methods of being an upright man. 

Do we need more of this? Do we need more motivational quotes?

It’s toxic if you read too much about these things. What you need is how to, anything tangible how to. 

If you wanna be a programmer, you need to know C+, C++, structure of codes and so on, not watching a “How to make money in 10 ways” shit to fill up your desire of becoming a programmer. And those 10 ways are, being emotionally stable, hard working, have perseverance… Fuck this, you don’t need this and you won’t make money with this. 

The things that bring real changes to life are actions, not to be whatever, you won’t be whatever after you are an adult and you can’t be whatever in a short time. Personality is a plant that grows long alongside your life experience. It won’t happen overnight. And those good traits only help you in the long run, most of the time we all know that, and realistically tangible things help better in present situations. 

Come think back, it’s suspicious that those “successful personalities” are not telling the true stories behind their success. But hell, if they do tell, there won’t be that few “successful personalities” out there, everyone would be successful. And their rivals of course would gain from this. 


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