Gets Cheap

So one of the reason I started this blog is trying to sell my products. For instance, this is my product.

A product is a commerce, so despite the advertising campaign, product is the thing that everyone can reach.

So the entrance level would be indefinitely low for everyone could enter, so that a commercial product would sell good.

But when it comes to something that is more abstract and personal than a commercial product, for example, a blog, a YouTube channel, a Vine account… things started to have more direct and personal connections to it.

That’s why I want audience to be a certain type, a type that is much higher than the “indefinitely low”.

Whether it’s Internet or real life, product always appears in the form of publicity – everyone can reach. So based on this rule, we can’t actually make our audience the certain type we want, unless we add rules on the entry.

Whether it’s from the audience or the author/blogger, each side wants to make personal connection so that the product would display its fine shape and style.

The problem with publicity is we have least control on the things that we don’t like, bad entrances we don’t want.

So, we need a certain type of audience. A type that could help and flourish the blog or channel, a type that could produce more quality products between the relationship of audience and author.

A type we need, indeed.

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