Your LIfe Ends at 30

The best period of a human’s life is his youth.

Youth is everything you can dream of, so precious that you need to carefully preserve and appreciate it.

After youth, your life is dead gone.

Isn’t it? 30 is the turning point of the body mechanism, everything starts to wear down, your body is slowly becoming not your body.

Nietzsche once said your body makes up your mind, your brain is the work of your physical body, it’s your body that is telling you what to do. So a strong body means a strong spirit, hence a strong soul.

Right before the downfall of our body, we experience period that we could never experience once again. 

Youth technically starts from your puberty, thus I think it’s better to do more meaningful things than going to school playing like a dead rat. 

Schooling took so much of modern humans’ time, it’s so wasteful and pointless to consume all your time on things that wouldn’t make much difference in the future.

Schooling is not education, it doesn’t educate people, it teaches people how to compete in certain systems. 

I would teach my kids and give them support to achieve much more meaningful things in life than going to school, wasting time on tests. To live far more meaningful than their peers. 

Life is so short, time to me can go much faster than it looks while you are at something you like. We didn’t like the schooling career, we sleep in class, waste our time, and time is still a way to go. But if I invest myself into something I like, time could go so much faster that I want it to stop from ticking. 

When will you become an independent man? And how long do you want to stay behind the cover of your parents? Are you going to do things you self want? And live meaningfully? 

Start from now, I don’t think there will be much more chance after your 30.

Everyone should get death sentence after 30. 

Because before 30, it’s the best time you can have to exceed beyond the best you are. 

What’s the point of not being able to fully function your body? What’s the point of living your deteriorating body? What’s the point at all if you can not make the best out of you and exceed beyond it? Right? 

What’s the point of living that life? 

You are dead, after your 30. 

Hence the reason we need to appreciate our time of being, to live a fulfilling life, to explore as much as possible and accomplish the list of your great objectives. To be the best of you and exceed the best of you.

That’s the meaning of life. 

Life is too short and we have nothing to against death. Do you fear death? Please don’t, we all gonna die someday. 

Thus, to live a degraded life is no more than being dead. 

Grab whatever you can to fulfill yourself at the best time of your once life. 

We only live once and there is only one period of life is the best out of it, that’s called, youth.                    


Take care. 

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