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The Value of Life, the Meaning of Death

Have you ever wonder why we live? What’s the purpose of our existence?

Most people wouldn’t even bother to understand their existence, since they know their limits or they give up understanding it, or they are just too dumb to fathom complex concepts.

We in the society have always countered suicidal events, why the kids or the persons want to die so badly to end their lives?

We know our limits but we couldn’t do anything to stop it, the sense of powerless is felt by many men.

We bear heavy burdens of responsibilities and obligations as we become cognitive. Every new thing seems so complicated, hard to fathom. The sophisticated and heavy society fall as burdens upon everyone.

Sometimes I wonder my own existence, why should I keep on living in this world, maybe it’s just me sweating too much, or maybe it’s just me see through too much.

Middle East, Syria, people strive for a living there, they live under shells rain and repeat fire. Africa, famine and primitive development are poisoning the continent. And South America, the populace living in the slums are under poor health conditions.

These are just the events that are happening around the world now, food for thought.

I am just one tiny human being, so do you.

Despite the concerning of some irrelevant worlds, if we focus on our own societies, we also can see flaws. But it depends on which region you are, sometimes the policies and regulations are good, sometimes it doesn’t.

I was born in a troublesome world with a deformed society, I despise the wrongdoings happening in my society yet powerless to change them.

So I wonder my life, I wonder why I live and sometimes should I die. It’s pretty edgy do I know, but it’s really questionable for me to keep digging until I find out the answer for the reason of our existences.

If That’s the Case, Then Why Are We Still Here?

Death, means let go, means we bear no more these shackles, means we won’t have to face sophistication anymore.

That so, why don’t we suicide? Death could cleanse everything.

Please think it this way:

What if, you are dead? What if, some day, you just gone?

Suicide, being murdered, disappear in all kinds of ways on this planet.

How much change could your death bring about?

Would the earth stop spinning because of your death? Would the society change because of your death? And shall whom memorize your existence and grief for your departure?

Your death, worth nothing.

My death, worth nothing.

Mortals, ordinary people, the general public. Their deaths only bring the grieving of their relatives and friends, the gossips of acquaintances, and the handling of the aftermath.

Such negligible, such pointless.

So why not indulge yourself, in a society like this, to end your life thus break free of all the shackles and burdens?

Fear Instinct

My grandmother, around 70 or 80 years old.

One day I asked her upon views of death, “I am in no way fear death, I’d die one day not for long.” She seems calm.

So after that, one day I have done some frivolous thing that provoked her. She was outraged, so furious that wanted me dead.

I moved a cable on the floor, she thought it’s going to kill her.

After that, I think I have pretty much seen through that pure fear from her to death. She fears death, so much that she wants to drag someone down while she’s dying.

I was actually surprised. She was calm while she said no fear, but actually deep in heart she still fears death.

‘Tis humanity, also human instinct, something that always warning you stay away from death, no matter how your consciousness say.

As long as it’s a living thing, it doesn’t want to die.

Conquer the Fear

So how I interpret humanity is also how I interpret fear.

If you fear then you have to become fear.

Instinct? What about it? Humans conquer their instincts so that makes it great, it is the foundation of mankind greatness.

Francis Bacon once said, you need to suppress your (bad) instincts, instincts are runaway horses,  you need to understand how to tame them. Thus said, good instincts are your specialties and charisma. 

My attitude towards death is that death could free me.

First, I hate this society, it feels wrong of China’s society, there’s just too much deformation and abnormalities. It could pick another time to talk about. 

Second, my death wouldn’t bring too much change to the society. My parents, my good friends will weep and grief for me. But outside of them, who will remember me? And who knows me?

I’m the only child in my family, I don’t have brothers and sisters, I don’t have too much dependence. Also a very independent man with lone attitude, I don’t have much friends. So, if I died, is there any? Is there any? Anyone will care, anyone will move, anyone will memorize me?

Truth is, the Earth will still spin around and around without me.

So till here, do you still fear death?

You are light, you don’t have any burden, then should you die, you don’t have any burden either. You are light when comes, you are light while gone.

Your death wouldn’t change anything, because the existence of yourself is valueless.

The Meaning of Life Means to Create Values

Reverse the above logic, I believe you have attained the meaning of life.

Since your death is of no importance, so how do you make your death of importance?

Your death is negligible is because you are negligible, it’s because in the time of you living, you are of no importance.

Your existence, is of no matter to any other, and any other wouldn’t care.

And look at this country, how many sophisticated people there are and what about the general public? Do you think, any of them will care about someone’s live or dead that has no relate to them?

No, they won’t.

Your existence has no value! Your existence has no meaning!

So the meaning of our life, the purpose of our living beings, is to create values! To realize our meanings!

To become legends! To accomplish and fulfill yourself!

This is the meaning of your living being.

Just how many peers are like this? Their lives have no meaning at all. Middle school, high school, final exam, college/university, a job, get a house, buy a car, get married, have kid or maybe kids.

What’s the point of these?

Just how many people have ever thought through before they do and while they are doing these? None.

Why are you going to colleges? Why do you get married? Why do you need to buy a house? Apartment in china. Why do you have babies?

Having a kid, do you know how much obligation and responsibility you need to carry? Do you know your kid’s education is crucial? Do you know your kid’s health is priority? Do you know how to take care of his/her daily life? Raising a kid properly is important do you know? His/her future is of priority importance do you understand?

But before these, have you thought through? Have you done adequate preparation?

If not, then why do it as everybody does?

Why do you follow? Why do you follow the herd?

Fuck general public.

So if you haven’t thought through and neither prepared, then don’t do it. Otherwise you are going to ruin your child, ’tis of utmost irresponsibility for your kids.

However, there are tons of people doing it, and hence their kids are raised spoiled and garbage. It’s because they are garbage, they didn’t teach their kids well enough.

Go create values, you know?

Don’t follow.

Least your funeral would have many people feeling sad for your existence, a lot of faces would memorize you. You death would make an impact on people, would make them introspect. Your death, it weighs, it is of no lightness. It is right there, emits with power.

Because before you die, you have associated many men. The living being of yourself is meaningful, thus to these associated persons it’s meaningful. Hence, your death is also meaningful. These associated persons created your values while you were alive, so they feel themselves weighs and you have meaning. Your death makes these people feel the same way as you were alive, or even heavier weight to them.

Steve Jobs had become Steve Jobs he was not Steve Jobs.

His products have changed most people’s lives he became Steve Jobs.

If your existence weighs, then your death weighs.

Create Values

How to realize our meaningful life?

I have just said, don’t follow.

So the second, to create your own values. Make yourself from zero, to one.

First you need to know yourself, discover yourself, and base on this to find out your own path.

What you will do is not ordinary, because ordinary don’t worth a dime, what you will do is standing out.

The methods of creating your own values are too many, here I may share my own:

For any complicated thing, I need to start from zero.

To observe, hence understood, thus learned and mastered.

I am eager for knowledge.

I feel such a shame for my ignorance, I feel so powerless because of my ignorance.

I desire understanding and knowing more things.

I found out about there are so many things in the world have their own knowledge.

Decorating, has its own knowledge; woodcarving, has its own tricks; even a ramen shop, has its own management methods.

I want to know them all. I want to know how all these work. I want to know what is their tricks and how do they apply those.

Philosophia, thirst for knowledge.

I want to travel the globe, to learn things in all kinds of countries. To understand what the nationals are doing; what they care; how are the country’s circumstances; what new and advanced technology they possess; and with what kinds of humane policies.

I need time, money, so before I have accomplished the list of goals, I need fuels and preparations.

I will complete these things, likewise, now I am also realizing my values and meanings.

I am running this blog, I am doing some translating, I am learning to make EDM, electronic digital music.

I am eager for more knowledge, I am eager to master more. Everything learned, is for my abilities, for my abilities and skills could improve.

At least, I am doing things what I think are meaningful, not like my peers, doing “everybody’s been doing” things.

But I gotta admit there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s what this society portrays, you are just doing everybody’s been doing, nothing wrong with “public”.

It’s just, me, my kind of people, we expect more meanings in our lives, “Fulfilment”, to fill up our lives and hearts. From Plato. 

And, freedom, is also a big element of realizing “Fulfillment Life”.

So till here, the ways and examples of creating values are talked so you know.


Go create values then, mortals.


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