A Good Title Is Everything

Nowadays no matter it’s a news site, a blog spot or a YouTube channel, a common phenomenon is the clickbaits.

An image and a title consist pretty much everything of a post window. If you name the title enticing enough and with a well matched tempting image, your post would catch eyeballs, luring people to click on it.

But what about the content?

Most people seem to forget this, it’s meaningless to have nice title and image if your content is garbage or literally wasting time.

I just saw a news (probably a blog post) today titled What’s It Like to Take IELTS in Africa, very tempting title indeed, so I clicked on it. Turns out the content is basically garbage. Like how he got informed and done the test whatever, no point in the whole article, hollow as fuck.

Just how did he ever write this shit out and never thought twice about his literature skills?

A title with literally zero content in it, and I started to think if it is a fake article, since he is a Chinese and he is at what? Africa?

I just don’t get it, if you have tempting titles, but your literature skills are solid and you have tangible content, then we can talk. But if your content is shit and you still name a enticing title for merely catching eyeballs’ sake, what is wrong with you?

My translated videos also suffer the same thing from “enticing” titles.

All 6 videos, each one is named a suitable title for its own content. But problem is, if you name it obscure, like you name the 5th video according to the whole videos context, it looks obscure but it is actually not. And people then would not watch it, it’s simply because they are judging the video only by its title. If you follow the series, you will understand why I name the title that, but people just don’t seem to see otherwise.

So here lies the problem, first I don’t have many candidates for the video’s title since it’s what I think the best title for the whole series context. Second, it fits the video itself since the video is just all around the title. It’s just the title doesn’t look that enticing enough.

So this confused me. I have 4000 followers more so, and that video only has 2000 not more views. How is this possible while my other videos got over 10000 views?

It’s all title and image, the clickbait paradox.

This is fucked.

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