Problems Inside China Society

What’s wrong with China? Hint: it’s not the government

This is actually a tangible post I found on Internet about the China’s situation. Not going to agree everything he said, but there are things that are true to see here in China.

Even though he asserts a strong positive opinion towards CCP, Chinese Communist Party, condemns pretty much everything of Chinese populace.

In this article, he thinks that the core problem within China is not their government but their populace. It’s their populace that are dragging down the country.

As a local born Chinese, I on some extent do have to admit what he depicts of Chinese society – how naive/dumb, uncivilized the populace are. It is true though.

Just take a look at what is going on on every transportation station whenever it’s upon Chinese annual Spring Festival.

It’s basically like this,

like this,

and like this “everywhere”.


Image goes to

And there is this common goes like this, to a Chinese it should be a regular affair. It usually happens at crowded stations, airports might be a bit better, but if it’s trains, buses, or sometimes high-speed rail.

It’s actually interesting though to find the picture like above, I typed “Spring Festival dirty messy” on Baidu (Biggest Chinese search engine) and nothing really showed up. It looks like “the picture filter working force” are working pretty hard for cleansing the internet of negative images of China. But on the contrary we experience this on an everyday basis. 

The chances of this happens in China stagger whenever you go to crowded places. It’s really hard to see somewhere crowded but still keeps a peace.

Talking back to the article. The article firmly believes that it’s the populace’s problem that China is till now falling behind 20 years of the US, well, the most advanced country on earth right now.

And the CCP does have pull these people to where they are now, they build infrastructures, they polish the policies, they impose regulations whatever. And to accept the righteousness of censorship in China because if, Chinese people are freed of censorship, they wouldn’t be able to fit in the civic world that on the other side of the globe has already developed.

I kind of agree and kind of not agree. The culture has been long sickening because of the censorship, the censorship is not just Freedom Speech or Freedom of Expression, the censorship includes censoring tons of materials of cultural products. Everything against the government, deletes; everything that is “inappropriate”, bans.

For all these years, why till now we see the gaming consoles come to China? Why we see now the cartoon/anime industry starts to grow?

The silence of all these years isn’t supposed to be the result of the long-last censorship?

He condemns about how dumb and uncivil the Chinese populace are, but advocates the CCP’s policies. But on the contrary, it’s exactly the CCP’s policies that make the populace dumb and uncivil.

It’s a contradiction. If you want your people to be civil, to have them flourished, then you need good education and enough outside influence to impact their views and values, thus it can result in behaviors and actions.

But on the contrary, Chinese education system sucks and it brainwashes people especially on the politics part. Other subjects are just basically like that everywhere on the globe. And the media is propagandizing everyday of the CCP’s heroic history, which for the sake of true history. It was the Chinese Nationalist Party sending millions of men onto the battlefield of Second Sino-Japanese War, which is the main East Asia theatre of WWII. Even though CNP was shit back then, constant failures and won few, despite of the party, the millions of Chinese men that died on the battlefield were of no difference to any party. It’s just disrespectful to display everyday how CCP thrived in the WWII, but they didn’t really do much things contributing to the whole picture, simply because they had far too few manpower on their side.

And it’s just crazy to think about how CCP still views nowadays situation as if it’s still in Cold War. And communism and socialism were pretty much died out right after the few years after 2000. China is in no shape of a socialist or communist country, I don’t know what it is, neither do the CCP. CCP itself said they are creating a Special Socialist Country, and to the fact, they are just exploring how to build this country from scratch. There is not much socialism left and not much capitalism left, nobody knows what this country is and will become, and CCP itself is also stumbling upon every step and look out for the next.

Not saying this country is going to crash or whatever, it’s just if they keep on these policies, the country will still stay put with tons of social issues they need to tackle.

Here’s a list of the current issues inside the China society from my personal experience:

  1. Heavy corruption inside every aspect of the society. Education, healthcare, business etc. industries are all poisoned with this.
  2. The competitive public or private education system.
  3. Censorship from government. Internet, media, etc.
  4. Cultural products are poor, with low quality. Regulations and the market are not very open and friendly to creators.
  5. Environment. Awful or even atrocious urban/city design, low quality air at most of industrial zones with tons of civilians living inside.
  6. The market is not free. Irrational regulations and “un-openness”
  7. Naive and dumb populace who love to follow “trends”.
  8. Have no pride in the nation and the race at all.

I think each one of these can write a whooping long article. Let’s pick another time.

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