Define Success

As I have to admit, there’s a big portion of people express that they want to be successful.

Nothing wrong with that.

But before you are telling somebody or are quietly talking to yourself, please, define success first.

What is success? And what’s it like to you?

Those failures might not be failures, and those success might not be success.

If you have a goal, you need to position yourself and measure you and the goal’s distance. To determine a goal that is suitable for the current you.

You can have a grand objective, thus making it to the grand objectives you need small goals to consist of every step to greatness.

If you push your standard too high, you feel incompetence of your work, which on some level, it’s quite good enough. If you make it too low, then you won’t keep going. Low standards only laze you into slow motion.

To understand you limits, you then have clear directions of where you should be heading.

Before saying “I want success.”, define it. 

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