Science Is Experience

Science opened the gate of modern civilization.

From the First Industrial Revolution to the Second, science has pushed the world towards truth and reasoning.

The First Industrial Revolution is a revolution that formed on the basis of daily experience, people got ideas from their experience thus invented many inventions.

Says the Second Industrial Revolution is a science revolution, but I’d say it’s still a revolution based on experience.

What is science? Science is math, biology, physics and chemistry, science is all the logical subjects’ sum total.

For we are talking science, we need to chase back to French Enlightenment Era, where the spirits of one another era personalities become the alter ego of science.

It’s very interesting though, along the human history for nearly 6000 years, science was merely introduced three or four hundred years ago, and has been growing exponentially till today.

If you ask anyone on the street now some math questions, they can answer with correct answer and even tell you some simple physics laws. Well still ignorant just a heads-up, it’s used to be comparisons. People from four or five hundred years ago couldn’t do this at all: first, there are not a big portion of people educated; second, nobody ever heard of science; third, they don’t believe it either.

If you think science grows on itself then you are dead wrong. Without the new society forms emerged back then, without the experience people possessed, nothing will happen as casted to be something “scientific”.

With its logical shell, it possesses an enlightened mind. Reason and logic are what introduced from French Enlightenment Era, and the public education system was also introduced to the societies around the age.

Science is as well a subject that based on experience.

While in the midst of exploring the scientific world, you need tons of precedent examples to guide you to the truth. This is experience.

And now defining the experience, it’s not just daily chores concluded methods, but the ability and observation to see through the rules and laws across the whole nature. That is experience.

On this planet, even to the Universe, everything follows a certain pattern. We observe that and understand that to make it the basis of our science.

This is the exact experience we are ongoing, and we are going to use it to our best efforts to discover and invent more from this world.



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