Free Language

Languages in the world are the most fabulous thing ever exists.

The most freely man-made thing is language.

For thousands years, language evolves and emerges, from the old ashes of departed languages come the newborn, from the graves of precedent civilizations we discover the longlost.

Language thrives in and out of human’s life, become more and more diverse, and bonding and breaking.

As I have learned from languages, I can’t see any shackle on language. A country that imposes heavy regulations on its population, language is still free wafting through crowds’ mouths.

In different regions, you see all kinds of different uses of language. One language, could breed multiple dialects. And two languages, could bind new words in between. Moreover, we see accents in all different places speaking the same tongue.

It’s fabulous, there is no restriction on language and there couldn’t be.

Imposers would be condemned by the populace through ugly words, beauties would be praised by followers through poetic phrases.

No matter how hard a government is going to shut their people’s mouths, words would still steal their way out, seeking help from outerlands.

There doesn’t seem like any rules can chain language. Because it’s unchained, it appears the most honest face of one region. Laws and oppressions can change the people, but can’t change how they talk. Language as the mirror shows the reality of how people actually think.

Like if you ban certain words in public, you can still use it in private. You can’t really ban a word, it’s like idea, no way you can kill it.

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