Blogging Monetization

This is a personal blog, meaning it doesn’t really look like any of those focus blogs, news sites.

I write basically everything, anything I can think of or contemplate.

Talking about blogging monetization, it’s really different from blogging itself.

Blogging is content, but monetization is business.

People are thinking a way to monetize a blog, the content, the ideas.

Nowadays if you search anything about blog or some other creative work monetization, there are many, many people simply live off by telling you how to monetize it.

It just feels awry. I see blogging as expressing your ideas and sharing your stories/knowledge with others, but monetization is pure business I don’t find it anything relevant to an actual blog post.

It’s like are these to consist a complete blog/website – monetization and content.

Another big subject now, as new blogger, I really can’t fathom about the monetization part. If I can make my content good enough I am already satisfied.

I don’t feel like you should focus too much on monetization since the main part of your blog is your content, not monetization. By the other part is like if nothing pays off the hard work you do seems futile.


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