Travel, and the Importance of Picking Right Companions

Travel is something that enriches yourself and expands the horizon.

The last two travels of mine are not very satisfying because I was with the wrong men as companions. It’s crucial to have the right ones to accompany you. With the wrong person, you’re only going to have the unexpected and unwanted journey, which is like shitting on you.

The first travel is kinda frustrating though, the guy was feeling very insecure all the time, I was not sure why he’s feeling this way nor did I ask him. He had been feeling so fucked-up insecure and being paranoid all the time, which made me really uncomfortable travel with him. So, I decided to take a solitary trip and set apart with the guy.

The second travel, is an old man as my company. This man, is too old for me. As long as there is an age gap, like for 20 or 30 years old, you shouldn’t really go with them. Because they are not in your zone. The whole trip toppled at the end because the old man does things his way and it is not a considering and cool way.


So really, if you want to travel, it’s either travel alone or find someone, someone, that is matched for you. For habits, values, and ways of doings. This kind of person can boost your journey or let’s just say can accompany you nice and well. This is the people you want.

Otherwise, pack up alone. Do a solitary travel, although I have to admit it’s going to be inconvenient, but this is the best bet you got unless you want some other to ruin your journey.


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