What a World to be Invincible

By expanding more of your current horizon, you find that the world is full of diversities and opportunities.

Imagine the world is a vortex and you are right at the eye of the hurricane. You see things, things you could have done, all the amazing and crazy things you can do, at this young age, in your youth, in everything you can grasp within your reach, just give it some efforts.

This is what the view looks like.

I always feel invincible thinking about that I can be whatever I choose to be, and do whatever I want to do.

It’s a good thing, that I can still imagine and dream, but the time is of the essence. The golden time of a man is at his 20 to 30, he needs to achieve something during the period, else it’ll have dire consequence for the rest of life.

Freedom, ain’t it? The freedom given to you lets you do whatever you want, but meanwhile you need to beware the obligations and responsibilities it befalls to you.

Modern society creates individual freedom, you don’t much shackles as before in Medieval, but enjoying freedom the same time you need to pay the price – fulfill your duties, bear obligations.

It is invincible for sure, I think everyone should bear with this mindset when you are gonna set sail.

The world is big, and the dream is yours.


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