6 years ago, I made a promise myself.

I want the world changed because of me, even just a little.

Through years, I’ve been lost in the mist of future directions. I don’t know what I am compassionate about, I don’t know what I’m specially capable of, and I have no idea where to set sail.

Being an entrepreneur, suits the definition of changing the world. Every entrepreneur alive has shaped the world their ways. If that’s the case, I guess joining the most creative and exhilarating army should be my head-on.


What is an entrepreneur?

To my definition, entrepreneur means to create new business, business that can serve the majority of population, the service that can help the most of all. This, is entrepreneurship. It matches exactly what my promise is.

On a second thought, entrepreneur means to start business –  business can fail, business can flourish. Open a bakery shop is starting a business, and by the most general definition of starting a business it’s starting a company.

I think the difference between entrepreneurship and starting a company is that entrepreneurs seek out innovative ways to serve most of the people, whilst tons of thousands companies bury them deep into the mist of stay put. Entrepreneurship means stand out, finding new ways to help most of people. Because if you stay in a dying industry, you are gonna get buried with it. The problem is that many join the popular industries while entrepreneurs are finding and founding them. They are like the pathfinder. Hence the reason why they stand out, because they are pioneers of newborn industries.


The entrepreneurship may serve me well, but it’s same time also a very vague and wide range of field. I am not sure where to start, but let’s see, let’s see. Let the time and experience tell the truth.

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