The “Niche Picking” on Blogging Setup

Basically, on Internet, if you search any of the webpages of how to build a blog and how does it monetize and attract traffic… They are all spinal around either SEO, monetizations, marketing and other stuff. The Niche Picking is one of the preach content, but not being very focused on it.

Here, from a new blogger’s perspective, I do think what your content’s fields matter.

What they say do somehow weigh, “A beaten track niche has fewer competition and more demands.” This can also apply to many other business areas.

But from a writer’s point to see “picking the niche”, it does somehow contradict how a writer should react upon popular niches.

What are popular niches? The niches that basically write about trending stuff, is the most popular. And below of that, top-10 form, collection stuff and simply boring little daily things would be popular because it relates to many. But the reality is that there are far too many publishers are doing these popular content, and it’s also really unfriendly to solo players/bloggers. Because it’s a platform you are building, always require more manpower to run it.

And aside from that, a writer writes what he wants. To pick a niche is like pushing yourself onto something you don’t actually know and with seldom interest. If the niche is popular then you should go, because it makes tons of money. No I don’t think this is the point of blogging, even though, I have to admit there are people doing it and they profit a ton out of it. Those “How to”s are the example of this, and they are the search engines’ answers. People request an answer, even though we don’t really know the quality of anwers, but the requirement/demand is solid.

From my experience, bloggers are consisted of a big portion of part-time. They do a blog simply just want to make an extra cash, or to decorate their profiles. Professional bloggers those who do full-time, seeing a lot of them are making How-tos.

Blogging initially gives me the impression of many different kinds of genres, I think what is important is that these many kinds of genres deserve better rewards than those How-tos, after all problem solving is one thing, but content creating is another.

And still, as a writer’s perspective, it weighs more important on what you write. The marketing, should be the tool to guide you to voices and make the writing better. Still, I don’t like the idea of actually going to pick a niche upon its rarity instead its quality. But somehow it yet yields some weight on new people finding their directions.


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