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China’s Education and What Education Should Be Like

Education should focus on making better humans.

Whatever it is, when we let a young man enter society, he should at least possess set of skills/abilities to accomplish what he wishes.

Nowadays education has ultimately changed its nature, it’s schooling, rather education.

I don’t see teachers are teaching skills rather than filling them up with useless tests that don’t prove a damn. The essence of schooling is to make students adapt a certain competitive system, but this system is so different than the real world systems. You don’t need to write tests, you don’t need to memorize textbook points. If you are talking about real system, hierarchies are most common in every industry’s office. Are you going to thrive in that system by finishing your tests? Office politics is a test for your social skills, that doesn’t have to do with anything test-related.

And the most atrocious thing about current schooling system is that it kills creativity inside students’ minds. Society provides a much freer space than in the school, many new things emerge and many old things die out.

My experience in China’s public education system is most awful, a system that completely kills off student’s creativity, and mostly students end up with no special skills, e.g. instruments, computer, handcraft etc., thus make them disposable.

We spend 10 hours a day investing in study life, learn Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, Biology and Fundamental National Politics. Every subject at last bogs down to the mere presence of memorizing important points, cultivating testing skills and last, realize them on papers.

I once asked myself where is my passion for knowledge? I was once a thirst-for-knowledge kid who loves to question, so eager to know the world. Everytime in class I lost my focus tuning out to outer places then come back to it, I found myself staring at a blank blackboard with the teacher telling us the tricks and methods of test that I have zero interest in. I realized it’s not my problem that I lost the interest of knowledge, it’s the whole system that is trying to force you into some machines, a giant factory that models emotionless test machines. Everyone was so buried deep inside the system, everyone seems to struggle, though I have to exclude some people who love to do tests.

I didn’t lose my passion for knowledge at all, I was trapped and falling deep into abyss day by day getting thrown at tons of irrelevant subjects.

If I can reverse time, I’d go back to that stage and make the time my own, to actually learn something I like rather following the norm procedure. For now I think of it, it was an utterly disgrace to myself dwelling and shackled at that time at that place. I had total zero control of my time, which is bullshit. And it was a waste of my time for being a public system student for 6 years, 6 fucking years learning something that don’t really improve myself in the near future, I don’t have any specialty after learning those subjects’ testing tricks. With that much time, if I’d spend 6 years 3 days a week practicing a piano, which I have always wanted to learn, I’d have some sick piano skills now. But I didn’t have a choice. 6 years have been boarding, 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Only the weekend I can spend some time doing something I like.

This system completely betrays my ideal of education—a system to innovate human and explore and develop their potentials. China’s public education system is a system force human into zombies and models, a horrific and giant factory making the same product everyday.

I think the most disgraceful thing is that you don’t have control over your life; the most wasteful thing is offering your time on something of little significance and interest.

And to the end of the day, many left with zero idea of who they are and what they want to be, and giving only 1 month and a half after the final exam of high school to decide which path they want to go.

That, is, insane. A total irresponsible dick move of the schooling system, it’s like,

“Hey, get into the comp, let’s see who’s the winner.”
And the comp is over, then, “Alright, here’s your gold, silver and bronze medals. Congrats!”
Competitors ask: “What will happen after the match?”
“Why do I care? You’re your own man ain’t ya?”
“Fuck you.”

And here I have to exclude the tons of “losers” who didn’t win a prize, and most certainly, the system doesn’t give a fuck.

But in reality, it’s not just a competition that simple and easy, education bears the obligation of humans’ future.

If the aim of education is not raising better human beings, then what’s the point of education and how dare you brand yourselves as educators?

I don’t believe there are losers in this game, in fact, there isn’t any. I believe people can be nurtured, even though how bad their nature is. The aim of education is to raise better human beings, it doesn’t matter how good this one should achieve to compare with the other better one’s standard, the point is to make this man a better man of himself. Raising people just, kind may be parents’ duty. Making people rational, talented and skillful should be education’s business. And not just these, education is everything about making a good human being: teach him knowledge, polish the man, and help him seek directions. This, is education. But far too many schools fail to do this honorable quest. Yet the knowledge is not knowledge anymore, it’s piles of garbage; the polishing never finishes and maybe never starts; directions? How many times a school has given its followers directions?

For a teacher, the best thing you can do is to shape your students. You don’t know how much you can be the influence to the student. Having a bright and enlightful teacher is such a gift to the students, in China, it’s hard to meet one. Yeah you meet one you don’t find one. So shouldn’t it be the deal to have more responsible and enlightful teachers in the field? Why can’t we produce better humans?

And also what is it the point of wasting your life on something of so merely little interest? For a college? Well fuck you the college doesn’t work. And isn’t it just illogical to think of first wasting your lifetime on something you don’t like, and you will like the college later? For what? Seriously, ask yourself, what do you want from college and what do you expect to get from public education system? Unknown to all of that, I think you are pretty fucked of actually planning your life. Sure, live with it, be a factory worker and a model then.

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