Great performance I saw last night from my best friend’s theatre debut.

A very delicate show that is made by effort and time. It was about in an asylum 7 men meet together and figuring out how to escape. My friend was acting a reporter as in a main role of the play. I can fully appreciate the great and energetic performance by them.

As his friend knowing him has been practicing for this entire play for at least 3 months, I understand how the show comes out of a price. And certainly indeed, the price payed off.

But today I think I probably am not talking about his show, but the participation in the whole activity.

He has joined the Theatre Club for at least a year now, this is one of his correct and successful choices he made in life.

As of me, his life time best friend, had seen him arise from the dull and introverted freshman, to the proactive and energetic man. I never seen him like that before any time in his life that is that concentrated and giving, which is a good sign that he has shook off the old shy and introverted version of himself. A man’s talent could truly arise from what he’s been doing what he likes.

The guy ever since stepped into college he never really studies his major, but pouring heart and soul into this “drama activity”.

The man I see is not going to be a lawyer which his profession indicates, but an actor or other performance related career that he, is relavent.

This theatre joining is most certainly a life changer for him, and I believe this guy is going to make something with his wit and constant passion for what he loves.

A lot of us nowadays are stumbling upon nothing and heading towards nothing.

A college major could never be what is fated for a man. And I see lots of people complaining about their own majors and how they would like to change a life style.

I’d say, go do it. This guy was once a fully lazy ass indoor nerd that rarely goes out, now that he has found his passion, literally his purpose. The whole thing castes the man off to a higher ground.

I think this is what life brings us the beauty – If you are passionate about doing something, go do it, don’t hesitate, you won’t know how much the change it’ll bring about if you pay it with consistence and wits.

As in earlier here I have talked about one man’s personality growth is strongly related to his after born acquirements, this, is a live example.

What a strange fucking world we live in? We were forced to live some other life that “someone” told us to, or we don’t have a choice.

Think about the time we wasted on the things we don’t love, on the things meaningless to us. If we take those time, and convert it into free control of ourselves. How much we can achieve for just what you would wanna do?

That’s it for today, cheers.

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