Machinery and Humanity

It’s always a two paths fork in front of human and always a one way road in front of machine.

We built machines. As us humans.

We built something that only follows rules, nothing other than rules. Very loyal and very submissive servant – machine.

Machine only follows rules, it follows its creator’s commands, it always obeys, never mutinies.

Whether it’s a clock, it’s a washer or a computer. They always follow rules that are set prior to their completion.

When we create computers, all the circuits follow only one rule – the switch on means yes, the switch off means no. Thus we utilize this simple rule and have created a vast empire of complex seemingly intelligent circulation. This is something to be praised.

But still, the only difference between humans and machines is that humans can make their own choice, and machines always follow the rules. Because we dump and get rid of servants that don’t listen to us.

I am marveled that if one day we can create something have its own self-consciousness that can make its own decision. For that humans need to decide when it comes to choices, and machines don’t decide because they follow rules. Deciding itself, means self-consciousness, means intelligence. 

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