Harmony Seeker

As an ENFJ, I think I’m the one that swells in the environment composed of harmony.

But I’m not really an INFP who can create harmony, so I guess I’m a seeker that is constantly attracted to harmony situations.

And even apart from this, in China, the traditional view of Taoism is to create harmony, which is what I believe. Not just Taoism, Zhongyong (中庸, talking about seeking a middle method to balance both contradictory sides) is something I’m holding dearly.

What is harmony?

A harmony means an environment that is able to provide both sides, or even multiple sides a balance they can step on. This environment would produce the best efficiency for everyone in it, even, the environment has a cost, but it’s worth it.

As the Harmony Seeker trait, I guess it’s reason why I am so leaning towards INFPs, because they create harmonies, which is the exact water I swell in.

As people, they all have differences. To pick a very simple example–the extraverted people and introverted people. How do you keep them dynamically interacting and composing harmony? That’s the thing you need to contribute when you’re in a community, to create, a harmony.

When the extroverted people are filled by the introverted people on their weaknesses, and the introverted people are helped by the extroverted of their shyness. We produce a harmony.

Whenever you go, whether it’s an enterprize, it’s a class, it’s a studio or it’s a band. It’s important for the management to keep track of their people’s happiness and try to produce a harmony environment, because, we need humane touch to problems.

That’s it for today.


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