I think I have talked about luck many times now.

Luck is never arbitrary, it shall never be taken for granted.


Everything happens for a reason, there’s a cause so that there’s a consequence.

Luck is one of the thousands consequences which boost your actions.

People think that lottery is arbitrary, and fortunes come to you for no reason. There is a reason for the fortune that is happening to you, and not other people.

Either, it’s a stock that suddenly skyrockets, or somebody wins in a horse racing, or you just find out out you’re rewarded a salary increase.

Do they just happen to you just like that? No.

So stock goes up for no reason? No, it is because the short term supply and demand of the market, and the long term company/corporation’s strategy and revenue.

A horse racing’s jackpot is arbitrary? No, it is because the horse which won the race had been fed up and trained pretty well recently.

Your increased salary is for no reason, the boss suddenly likes you? No, it is because you have done something good you might haven’t noticed for the company.


Even if we look at the things that look arbitrary, some very tricky things happening around us, they don’t just happen to happen for no reason.

Lottery, very tricky huh? It’s basically random. Gambling winning streak, pretty weird right? Basically random. Or just a pretty girl suddenly wants your number.

You deem these as the salvation of luck, something good has bestowed on you.

Well, not exactly. Look at it on a different angle.

We do can’t seem to find any logical or practical pattern behind all this, but what we do can, is to find the things you have done previously. If you want to call it karma as you like, or just aura we call it in Chinese.

In traditional Chinese culture, they don’t believe things start from nothing and end for nothing. It is pretty much inherited from the Buddhism karma system, but on the other hand they have also adopted their own Taoism theories.

Buddhists believe that the good things you do would help you for not suffering, everyone is born to suffer, you have to do charitable, benevolent things for you to relieve the suffering.

Taoists believe that what you do, pertains to your birth date, the whole universe as to the earth, things before what you do and after. It is similar to astrology, being mythical and all but the core is not stars, is you as to the world.

Combine these two together, we have something we call 气, some flowing substance that is around your body and also inside your body. In other words, aura, to help you more understand the concept.

In this culture, people believe that whatever good happens pertains directly to the aura you hold. If you can change the aura around you, consequently you can have good things happen around you.


So what kind of things you do can change your aura to a positive aura? Here is where things get tricky. The answer is many. But different houses have different stands on this matter.

Buddhists think that as long as you can help others, to achieve what they call shared happiness, joint prosperity, you can turn your unluckiness to luckiness.

Taoists think it’s the people around you, it’s the date the time that are relevant to what you do.

And from my experience, as a Utilitarian, I believe it is what you do prior to your current encounters that is causing effects on you and your surroundings. I take ideas from both sides, and combined them with my own experience. Yeah it sounds like karma.

And the core part of my theory is that, don’t take luck for granted, it is not and it never will be. Or you will just lose them to their own fading.

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