Price or Value? Choose Superficiality or Prosperity?

A country that is built massively on superficiality is doomed to fail.

The equivalent of superficiality is price.

The primary principle of market is that value is always before price. Because price is the reflection of value, and people give value to things so that makes them priced.

China’s society is on some level, built on massive superficiality, which is hurting the society and its people within.

Whenever people come to this question, they always blame it to cultural differences. I can’t quite possibly agree on that.

It just looks like there is nothing else they can blame on, they can’t really blame that the people in China’s society are uneducated, the people in Asian societies are just mean and racist people. They can’t quite say that, at least on the front. So they made up an excuse to say there’s a cultural difference.

I get it, of course there’s cultural difference, even huge difference whenever it comes to the values of people. But what we can’t neglect is the superficiality of the society, it’s there, right there, poisoning the society itself.

Every society, has some level superficiality built in, that’s human. However, it’s the question on how much, not the existence.

If superficiality is flooding the country, then the country on its running must be something wrong. China is a good example of superficiality flooding it making people all chasing materials and money buys everything. It’s actually a degradation compared to western societies. And it’s impossible to say that it only happens in China, other Asian countries also suffer the same problem.

It’s capitalism, there’s always more than enough materials flooding the market and people’s hearts, so superficiality is very likely to be deemed as no more than normal.

However, essentially, it is wrong to think of that as a normal thing in society. If everyone deems something intrinsically wrong a norm, then the society is heading off course.

It’s actually a very simple question:

Do you deem value before price or price before value? 

Value before price creates prosperity, price before value creates superficiality.

Communism isn’t going to fix this, neither is Capitalism.

What is needed to be fixed, is the human’s heart.

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