I Was a Wanderer Once After I Got an Arrow Shot in My Knee – Fallout: New Vegas Review

Quit and replayed and quit.

I’d like to compare this game with Fallout 4, whose plot is a clusterfuck compared to this one.


Plot side, New Vegas won. Other things than the plot, combat, graphics, and all that stuff, Fallout 4 won a little. And the grounds that both sides break even, music, UI and that.


Heavily spoilered alert. Don’t read it if you haven’t finished the game.

Specifically plot side, New Vegas has a more complete and clear world background than 4’s. There are three main factions in Mojave Wasteland, each of them holds an adequate force that is trying to compete out the weakers and take over the whole region–The California Republic.

The three factions are New California Republic, Ceasar’s Legion and New Vegas Strip. I specifically like the metaphor of the conflicts between each one of them. The Caesar metaphorizes that NCR is a corrupted state, and only military dictatorship could revive the country. While Mr. House on the other side tries to survive the head to head quarrel between the two powers, he himself is conspiring enough forces for him to take control of the sitch.

On this my friend, is far better than Fallout 4. You don’t get to see ideologies talk speaking out of a ruthless revolt’s leader’s mouth. From the mere outlook of Caesar’s Legion, it’s a pure barbaric force that has been absorbing most of the tribes in Mojave and lust for NCR’s territory and New Vegas. But the Caesar himself is man of knowledge, he doesn’t attack the way our protagonist does. It’s an ideology fight between the Legion and Republic.

This can ring a bell immediately from our modern life. It’s called the battle between dictatorship and democracy, and there’s so much reflection on today’s society. NCR is as Ceasar stated it, an old corrupted and constant infight state, just like the States. And if you ask NPCs around about their opinions on the factions of Mojave, they’d tell you more personal opinions on them. NCR is a state that stretches too far that they couldn’t upkeep themselves in a post-apocalypse world.

Military Dictatorship does work, especially in a hard time when a country is suffering inside and outside pressures. Look at Germany,that’s the country flourished in WW1 and WW2. Using a high centralized power government, is a very efficient way to unify a people. In troublesome times, in this fallout world, I’d say dictatorship does rule for people to seek better protection and welfare. And basically in every post-apocalypse title, you’d see the fight between freedom vs autocracy. Because dictatorship rocks while the world is trouble.

I remember clearly that Cassy the Caravan Girl told me that Caravans’ been wiped out in Mojave, just because the NCR doesn’t have enough resources to spare. That’s exactly the case. In troublesome time, you don’t go democracy, democracy is for a society that resources are adequate enough for the many problems, then you can make everyone happy. Of course you can practice democracy as you wish, but the result would be just like what the Mojave today looks like. Rebel forces awake, and the middleman trying to spoil the war.

Of the Mr. House, this is an interesting character. He, it, is a robot. Yes, a computer. I mainly focus doing missions for him. Why? Because he’s the most resourceful man/robot in the whole Mojave. New Vegas is like Venice in the old time, a wealthy state trying to be as neutral as possible, while profiting from the problems of both sides. Because I know, no matter how the quarrel pans out, the winner is going to be the resourceful one. New Vegas has the most advanced technology of all Mojave, Brotherhood of Steel is even wiped out by me. Who is an even force that is going to against New Vegas? What’s more, I can even run an eviler plan for myself, I can terminate Mr. House after all the errands I ran for him, I can be the biggest winner of the whole event. What’s not better than this?

Plot-wisely, this game exceeds farther than Fallout 4.

But I can’t say this game is a perfect game either. This game has flaws, many of them. First, the game runs based on heavily modded. Yes, without mods, this game is utterly uncomfortable to play with. Project Nevada is a start, everyone who plays this on a PC should install the mod. There’s an incomplete item sorting function, a sprint add-on. And more. Bethesda’s games suffer heavily on UI, we all know that. The user experience is atrocious, that you waste tons of time on UI. Because they had shit QAs, or they didn’t have at the time.

Combat sucks, big time. This one Fallout 4 exceeds far better. Fallout 4 focuses itself on a more modern game template, a shooter, rather a role play.

Graphics sucks, even worse than Fallout 3. I have no idea why Fallout 3 looks better than the all ultra setting New Vegas. Fallout 4 wins, since it came out recent years.

Music, meh. I don’t think music is a big subject in Fallout series. Nothing but its main theme, dem dem, dem, dem dem, dem dem dem. And that’s it. Fallout, baby.

And one thing that I don’t really get is the conversation required ranks of perks. This thing is just unfit. I see why Fallout 4 changed this a little bit. Because the options that you can choose is unlocked by the ranks of your perks, rather than the choice you made. Which means, the options that you can’t choose because you have not enough ranks, are viable after you gained the ranks. While rank isn’t really a thing increased by you practicing on something, rather you can get it somewhere else. Every time you level up, you can just max all your points to the perks in need. Speech, Barter, etc. This doesn’t really quote out the importance of the perks, but rather annoying. Because it’s disconnecting, to acquire ranks for the options. And the magazines don’t work while you find out you have insufficient ranks. You can just focus all your points on Speech or Barter at the first levels or yours, then every conversation after won’t be a problem. After all, the level cap is 100.

The reason why I quit a second time is that I have already figured out the ending. With all that main mission stuff is going on, I can see it through what is the future of Mojave. Either side will take control, maybe one side would have a negotiating ground, such as the faction I am sided with, Mr. House. But who cares, even Mr. House took over the world I wouldn’t mind, he’s a decent computer. More resourceful than NCR and better minded than the Caesar’s Legion. He’s going to win if I’m not the middleman that is constantly meddling around the battlefield’s tide. At least, I have seen this kind of plot a bunch of times, I can predict the ending, which is no surprise to me. And then I quit.

Overall, should you buy it? If you’re a geek of fallout series, I suggest to buy it. If not, well don’t. You wouldn’t like the graphics anyway.

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