The Development of Telecommunication and Its Impacts on the World

The human history is a history solving the “connection distance” problem, on some angle.

Telecommunication is the technology that is constantly pushing human civilization forward, and still will be the pushing force in future.

In ancient ages, we sought to solve the simple problem of reducing our on-foot efforts commuting from place to place. We invented wheels, and later the taming of livestock make all this even easier, aka carriages and horses.

Boats and ships are to solve the water traverse issue.

Right after the boom of first Industrial Revolution, many new inventions have been brought to life and provided a better life for the contemporaries. The invention of automotives, the invention of steam boats.

And till today, the far better solution for connection distance problem is the Internet.

What connection distance is actually solving, is the information spreading. Before the modern times, try to go back to Rome period. People relied on merely carriages and onfoot transmissions of information. That, was a much slower, and simpler information exchange.

Later, more things were used for transmitting info. Homing pigeons, fast horse couriers, and of course sailboat, to cover air, land and water.

And by this, the cost of information exchange is much lower than today’s. People in that age don’t know as much as people nowadays know of the world.


Do you know how come a country flourish? The country needs to absorb the information from around itself, to refine information and fast-forward its development. The country that has no influence from even reject influences from neighbor regions, is doomed to fail. They won’t be able to keep up with the standards that nearby nations hold.

So the arrogant empires would fall, and newly informational countries will rise.

At old times, due to the primitivity of telecommunication, knowledge don’t come a high price. As long as you can get to it, consider the distance, a high price.

But now is a different time. Knowledge, due to the highly developed telecommunication, knowledge is basically reachable everywhere, with the help of Internet. Does knowledge comes a high price yet? Not quite.

Nowadays, we protect knowledge that is highly confidential, which is, the secret of a corporation, the secret of a nation or simply the secret of a bakeshop.

We only protect what is most important to us. However, I couldn’t neglect the fact that books these days, which are the primary media of knowledge, are becoming more and more expensive.

For all of the mankind history, knowledge itself is pretty much a free-to-access state for every human being that is interested in. This is how we preserver our civilization, without these knowledge, we won’t be able to survive without telling our kids there’s no more story to tell.

That is, free the knowledge, make knowledge what it was at the first place. A substance that ought to be spread.


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