The Damage of Robotic Education

I ask questions, many questions. And many of these many questions are critical questions.

I don’t see others ask these questions. Why? I don’t see them ask questions.

Humans are born questioners. They question everything, from the infinite night sky to who am I.

But, why don’t I see people ask these questions anymore? Is it that the questions are answered? Is it that they already know? Or…? ...READ MORE

Lingua Franca, the Common Language

For most people, language is a basic skill in their lives. The idea of lingua franca was invented long ago, there was that Dutchman who excitedly invented his common language for the world free to use in 18th century. But his language failed, and failed really hard. At the time, the so called lingua francas were actually French and German.

To this day, just 70 years after WW2, English has become the modern time’s lingua franca. And due to the booming of international trade, Internet and all sorts of telecommunication techs that bind the Earth together, a common language is needed necessarily. ...READ MORE

Homo Homini Lupus

Homo homini lupus.

A Latin proverb that translates to “A man is a wolf to another man.”

As an amoral friend of mine says, “Men are no other than bears to each other.”

People routinely put on masks walking among us, the beings underneath the masks may be beasts.

The world we created and developed isn’t exactly what we expect in the first place–a place for human(e) actions. ...READ MORE

Human Relationship

I never really notice this before I heard this saying from a video. It says, the human relationships, between friends and acquaintances, are like “you can only be a little bit worse than someone, otherwise your ‘friends’ are not going to be happy.”

I don’t believe this at first of course, and I don’t believe the possibility of it. The cheesiness of this saying is something that I don’t think could be explained by logic. ...READ MORE

The Problem with Current Education System

Just saw this post on /r/sociology.

Graduated university, now what? from sociology

This guy has just graduated with a sociology degree and has no idea of heading where. And what I want to say is that, this portion of people is not small.

The current education fails, at exactly this point. Even to college, this system is like a procedure that is sending people through a manufacturing chain, whereas it doesn’t really point the directions for where the products should go, not to mention the complete robotic and dreadful experience of schooling. ...READ MORE

The First Look at the Current Social Class Theories – Social Class Conflict and Mobility

Firstly in my earlier post, I talked about Marx’s view on society–he thinks that an industrialized society is divided simply by two. The Bourgeoisie/Capitalists and the Proletariat/Workers. And added the undefined Inconsequential Others (Those who do not take part in production, beggars etc.).

He harshly stresses that the conflict between capitalists and workers is the power engine of modern society, workers are constantly on the side of disadvantages, thus revolution is the key to overthrow this module of society. Although, this is the view of Marxism itself, but hardly Marx his own. We can say that the books and manuscripts have borne, characterized by revolution–a radical and violent provocation to turn tides in the battle of two, Communism. ...READ MORE

Don’t Get Bogged Down by the Labels

People love to label. They, love, to label.

Products and goods, labels, alongside with price tags. Your body shape, labels. The achievements people have achieved, labels.

As long as they see anything, they label anything. From high to low, from categorization to characterization. Label this, label that, so that they can have a name to call upon, and a “rather inside” conversation to talk about. ...READ MORE