Negan fo life.

He’s one of the most badass and charismatic villains I have ever seen in media. And boy do he swell.

Negan represents dictatorship and terrorism. While under extreme circumstances, for example, living dead apocalypse, his method is the most efficient and powerful to actually bring people together and head towards a common goal.

Just admit it, democracy sucks while it’s unusual times.

Rick lost and he lost very thoroughly. Why? Because this is a lawless state, no one is law yet everyone could be the law. Are you a god? No. But you can be the God.

Negan did it. But bear in mind, he did try to help and teach people through this unusual time. However he failed, what he did was futile, because in a state like this, no one is really caring about anything. The society is totally collapsed and there’s no upper body to control the mass crowd.

This is some profound thing about society—humans, need to be led.

So in this unusual time, how could he actually “help” anyone to bring them together? Negan lost everything in the outbreak, so he started to use a more violent and dogmatic yet extremely effective way to do crowd control. And boy did he succeed.

Interesting though, Negan is just a mirror reflection of Rick. Rick is just a few steps behind to become Negan.

The methods Negan uses are fearsome, but so does Rick. It’s just Negan prefers terro control rather than Rick feels more like a family/community man.


Negan’s ideology is well reflected into his one catchphrase: “Are you Negan?” And everyone who follows him would reply “I am Negan.”

This catchphrase simply represents his terror reign making everyone recognize his lawful headmaster position, yet this terror reign has some other level meaning in it. To make everyone realize this is a cruel world, and cruel world practices cruel methods. Acknowledging being Negan means accepting the methods of Negan, and recognize this law.

Negan sets rules, or laws per say in his realm. Although his laws are undoubtedly crude and rather inhuman, but this works extremely well to keep men in line. And he is especially against assaults to women, i.e. rape.

Why do you need this you may ask? Because there’s no one prosecuting the walkers who have eaten thousands of families alive.

Unusual times, unusual method.

-Right? My love?

And, just accept this. This is a shitty world, and shitty world needs shitty methods to control. Rick.

Just look at him, he’s one hot damn cool motherfucker.

-Shove it right up to the ass.
-Adios, suckers.


Are you Negan?


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