The Study of Gender Problem of Current Society and the Rise of Modern Feminism

The past few years are the period when feminism is getting higher and more attention.

Modern feminism requests more “rights” for women, more anything that men possess. Take a look at this video then you can easily fathom what this concept is.

The video is more of a satire than an advocacy to me. In the end they are asking wanting more, wanting what more? What do you want? Right? 😯 

The title is very obvious now, with the uprising of women force, this group of people, or females should I say, is constantly seeking attention and more support in society to help complete their cause. The modern feminism is starting from the fundamental women rights and turning into a complete crusade. Women march on the street demanding more rights, more pay and more political power.

Female ratio in industries

To understand this problem thoroughly, I think we need to start from the basics of how our society works especially regarding on gender. This is taken from World Economic Forum 2016 January’s study, The Industry Gender Gap, Women and Work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As you can see here, the leftmost is the current general overall women ratios in common industries. As you can see a very obvious pattern here, is that women usually work in less complex and less physical strength required places. To break it down:

  • Basic and Infrastructure, Energy and Mobility are industries that require physical strength, men power, to function at lower levels. This is common knowledge. Laborers still consist more of men than women. Infrastructures require building, energy industry requires mass raw material collecting and mobility, many heavy objects mobilization. However, these industries higher levels also require steady and clever minds to operate efficiently. Energy industry requires a lot of scientific expertise for function normally. And these more complex work are exactly where men excel at.
  • Take this to other industries, the same result. Information and Communication Technology, Financial Services & Investors, Media, Entertainment and Information. These industries also require higher expertise to function normally, and you can see the women ratios in these fields.
  • Step aside and take a look at higher women ratio industries. Healthcare, Professional Services, Consumer, Financial Services & Investors and Media, Entertainment and Information. Women seem to flourish at Healthcare and Professional Services. What’s needed to note, is that healthcare’s nurse job always consists of large amount of female workers. And it’s crucial to know that women are very common in healthcare industry. Second of this, Professional Services is the common service industry we are talking about. Waitresses, receptionists or spa workers. You name it, most of services you have in daily life are composed of women servers. Consumer is the same, the cashiers your supermarket servers. Finance and media are kind of intriguing to see. We know that media needs women to be photogenic to be on camera and many female workers are inside media for their beauty and excellent socializing skills. Finance is what I think, an actual 50-50, not literally, for men and women.

The point of the women ratio is that the ratio needs to be around 30%-40% so that a workplace would be well balanced. Nowadays we’re facing some incredible imbalances in the common industries. My theory is that the higher levels of industry should focus on ability rather than quantity, however the bottom levels, the bottom 20-30% should focus on quantity. For they are the foundation and the mass of the whole industry.

And I think this is where the modern feminism started from. They were demanding a more well balanced workplace, till today’s greedy madness on political gains. But we’ll talk about this later.

What I think is that, workplace should be focused more than the overall numbers. The space is where the key at.

Women are different species than men, they have the mindset that men can hardly achieve. Yet it is this kind of mindset that changes the world from time to time. I lean a lot towards “the workplace needs women’s touch”. Any product or service, a product that is produced in a place, you need the women’s touch so that the product can be poured in more humanized care. What is the greatest about a woman? It’s their mother’s love. Besides of this, women think a more subtle and caring way when try to tackle an issue. And men are always thought to be a crude and smart strategist that mingle and maneuver around. You need different perspectives to add in more flavors into your product, so that the product would be more welcome in the marketplace. After all, commercializing means getting the public to like it.

And there are some other benefits women can bring into a workplace, pheromone and other scientific studies, not going to expand further here.

Why higher levels don’t need women that much?

I see industry as hierarchy, and of course, a company is a hierarchy. Higher levels in the hierarchy demand more skills and techniques to actually win the position. At least, an industry that is skill-based should be leaning towards capable personnel.

However, the bottom levels are low-skill requested, so on these levels, it seems futile to place more men than women. You’d rather have a more harmonized place to produce things that have human touch.

A good example is the video game industry. I’ve searched some studios, the most renowned ones. Sledgehammer, Bioware, Flying Wild Hog, even Naughty Dog1 2. In 2005, IGDA had done a thorough research on the women ratio in video game industry. That time, women consist 10% of the industry, and most of them work at non-core jobs, i.e. PR, HR, etc. However, even to this day, females in video game industry are incredibly small. The studios I stated above, you can go to their official sites and check out their team. Females only consist 10%-20% of these studios. Some are even lesser than 10%.

Some good studies here:
1.Percentage of Female Developers Has More Than Doubled Since 2009
2.14% of Naughty Dog’s Team Are Women; Studio Works Past 9 PM During Crunch; PS4 “A Pleasure to Work With”
3.Why are there so few female game developers?

No wonder why the current video game industry looks weirdly crude. Video games now are not consumer goods only for male, there are a large quantity of female gamers as well, consisting around 30% of the consumers of video game industry.

Yet the workers in the industry are not as well balanced as the consumers. Making a video game’s core departments are five, writing, sound, visual, program and design. At least, at a generic sense, women can excel in writing, music and design. Technical stuff like visuals and program could give bearings to men, but not saying women couldn’t excel in complexity.

Come back to the hierarchy. Bottom levels are sufficed with well balanced workers, however, higher levels should just play their own game. Why the ideal is 30-40%? Because the 10% is given to the top hierarchy men. We understand that, leaders in men are larger than women.

Combing the current industries’ and video game industry’s women ratio development status. We can see something rather grim about how our society actually view the difference between men and women. Look at video game industry, 10 years passed, the ratio of women should hasn’t really changed drastically. Not even close to the ideal 30-40%. Is it that women couldn’t excel at highly complex works? Or simply a generalization that women couldn’t do it?

I think it’s definitely a problem with perspectives rather than the actual capabilities of women. We see many successful women just as capable as men.

This looks grim. The world we know is based on the equality of human beings. And we kind of understand the equality of men and women. At least the corrupted traditional way of treating and regarding women has gone. Women do have win more rights than ever before in history.

But would this just be a result of modern communication technology and higher exposure rate?

Take a look at this chart.women dominated jobsAs you can see here, there are some extremely unbalanced jobs that women are the dominant force. Take a look at the top 3. In 10 nurses, 9 of them are female. Teachers, except higher education (high school, university, college), are mostly females. Social workers, the ones who go out there to comfort and solve disadvantaged groups’ problems.

These jobs excellently utilize women’s emotional abilities. However, even if I want to admit the society distributes works by capabilities, this still doesn’t look right. The top 3 are completely low complexity works. The job itself might be complex, but compare it to its same category higher jobs. You’ll find that women don’t dominate them.

This only gives out two implications. One is that women, the majority of them are incapable and they couldn’t do complex works. Two is that it’s the stereotype generalizations that are blocking the way for women.

Which one is more reliable?

  • Keep looking at the chart. Meeting and Convention Planners, rather simple work, requires social skills a lot. This thing men can excel at. Medical and Health Services Managers, also another thing men can excel at, and rather easy. Counselors and Psychologists, both of them utilize heavily on women’s emotional sensing abilities. Looks pretty conventional. However, this is only based on the empathy part of how one should understand the other’s feelings while he’s your patient. Psychology strictly speaking, requires more logic and comprehensible methods to tackle one’s problems. But not saying it’s not a complex work, it is a complex one, just like education. But the job titles it shows look like something rather less complex than the higher counterparts.
  • Tax Preparers, accountants. Tax Examiners, Financial Specialists and Education Administrators. These jobs, look at them, they all look rudimentary compared to its same category higher end jobs. And till here, it can stop. The ones beneath are the balanced one, somehow, so for now we can ignore them. 

And typically, I don’t know if it’s a myth or what, why would anyone think that education wouldn’t need men’s care? But it turns out, the more rudimentary it goes, the more women there are. Trying to process complex information looks like a very masculine thing, at least, in our time. And PR and HR. HR is also a very job that could be excelled by men, why women would dominate this genre? Which looks absurd to me.

And back to the first chart we’ve seen in the first page. Industries are constantly pushing women out of their boundaries.

It’s getting more and more confusing that whether our society views women as talented and capable or we just want them to shut up and give them some work to do. But, on a normal sense, it doesn’t make sense to be hypocrite and patronize women. However, this still looks very usual and frequent on every scene of life. Women are constantly getting patronized and objectified.

So we have to point out that, a portion of the society, estimated, a large portion, is against women. I couldn’t conclude that the overall society is objecting women, it’s not, but there are men who simply are against women activities. So that why this looks so weird and incomplete under current circumstances.

So, for the reason part, we can see another chart upon how people think of women today in work and other aspects. reasons of gender equalityAs you can already see here, there are a large number of higher managements in industries that are hiring women simply for the sake of equality. Or fairness per say. However, the second, third, fourth, fifth are the reasons why you should hire a woman.

Equality is a very vague thing. I don’t quantity equal is equality. Just like how I treat the bottom levels not quantitatively equal at all. Equality to me, means equal opportunity. This should be the mere reason when you choose for equality.

Saying equality is quantity equal is pure hypocrisy. Quantity doesn’t make work better, doesn’t make products better. Only the touch of women, is the thing you need to perfect your product or service. And the other four consist of the other half of the opinions, which is great.

And here are some other thoughts need to be thought about:

Armies use men mainly as their combatants. Rape scene is an usual after the capture of a city.

It seems like the basic human rights are undeniably powerless in unusual times. Such as, war.


Modern Feminism’s Threats

I can understand why women would want more rights. I understand the whole women rights marching history happened in North America and Europe.

However, in the old times, women were basically asking for an equal position as men. Whereas women in that time were demeaned and treated badly.

Till now, this wind has totally changed its course.

Modern feminism doesn’t look like a group that is seeking rights for the group of women. They are, undeniably, a group of females that is trying to separate themselves from the conventional female group. This practice looks new but weirdly absurd to anyone.

They are trying to deny their own female identity. Which makes them not like women at all, but biologically they are women. But why is this group getting more and more support from the LGBT?

I personally would call this Black Mentality (or Slave Mentality in Nietzsche’s terms)Minorities’ problem is that they don’t get treated as equal as majority do.

The well example is the black people. They are the minority in the US and they were treated very badly. So in order to counter this, and save their own dignity, they create their own culture and cool stuff. It’s like the kid is not welcomed by anyone so that he makes himself look cool and utterly become the man of himself.

Gays are like this. Lesbians are like this. Because conventionally, people wouldn’t accept these groups of people. So that they make themselves look cool, so it can probably integrate better into the majority.

Today’s feminism is the same situation. While it is like this, there are many other minorities going through the same, so they unite together, trying to seek more attention so that they can well integrate into the majority.

However, this group of people, this feminism, has already cumulated a certain amount of support, which gives them power. So these people now are trying to seek something even more, the greed of them has already gone beyond the initial line they drew. The course has changed, and they are trying to dominate the certain society atmosphere now. And by which, they did done well. As we can see there are more and more people supporting homosexuality and more and more people start to fear females’ power. Look at the chart, you can see there’s the reason simply don’t want troubles from females.

However, they are not the majority of society. They are the minorities, and always will be. I can’t understand why a group of people that the number isn’t up to 5% of the whole population, is constantly harassing and propagandize the public media.

This spoke some unspeakable intentions behind this group of people. And we know that the result of it would be grim if they are just keeping seeking these political power.

Like I said above, in unusual times, like war, women are undeniably weaker than men. And they will get crushed by men if chances are given.

You can’t deny the biological composition of men and women. It is what lasts us this long in human civilization.

To be a rather harmonized scene but why does it have to go a dogmatic and very independent state?

Women’s rights like other human rights, weren’t as exposed as today’s, and getting highly attention. It is the mere history of 60-70 years that has pushed us to this civilized state.

The New Deal in WW2, was actually the world’s wind vane that has rudimentarily guide a clear scenery of how the world should become. And it’s a pleasure to see that our world is changing so fast, that the civilizing progress has made many milestones.

What would the world become? I don’t know. But the only verdict I know, is that through thousands of years of human civilization, not once had human lost its touch. 

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