Don’t Get Bogged Down by the Labels

People love to label. They, love, to label.

Products and goods, labels, alongside with price tags. Your body shape, labels. The achievements people have achieved, labels.

As long as they see anything, they label anything. From high to low, from categorization to characterization. Label this, label that, so that they can have a name to call upon, and a “rather inside” conversation to talk about.

I hate labels. Labels are trying to define what a product, or what a person is. They are assuming the domination of objects while they actually don’t. People label things, they label whatever they want and whenever they can.

This labelization is incredibly toxic towards the society.


Do you see a pattern?

When creators publish their content, sometimes, they don’t know whether the content would succeed. And later, the content succeeded, and people love it. Creators try to lean towards the direction, and alongside of it, they are labeled with its content’s types and features.

If they pivot, and most of them would after a time of same content, they would be criticised for their mismatch of their own labels. While these labels are exactly the forced assumptions initially.


If you only see appearance/superficiality from a project, a product, a goods, a work, or a person, then you won’t get anything out of it. Because you don’t see the personal developments inside every single one of them, development is the key of everything.

I hate labels and I want them to stop. However, every creator on the road shouldn’t be bogged down by the labels they receive–you are who you are, and you would become the one you want. Labels are just descriptions of status quos, nothing but useless words from critics to show their value of existence.

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