The Problem with Current Education System

Just saw this post on /r/sociology.

Graduated university, now what? from sociology

This guy has just graduated with a sociology degree and has no idea of heading where. And what I want to say is that, this portion of people is not small.

The current education fails, at exactly this point. Even to college, this system is like a procedure that is sending people through a manufacturing chain, whereas it doesn’t really point the directions for where the products should go, not to mention the complete robotic and dreadful experience of schooling.

I met people who have found their directions, so do I, after all these years I start to figure out what I truly like and what I am going to become. Before all of these self-searching and self-dependent acts, I was a naive know-nothing stud.

This one clearly states that even with this intelligent and informative education, it’s useless unless you have some skills.

Makes me want to ask why didn’t the OP think about it in the first place when he applied for the diploma? 4 years or 5 have wasted, if you don’t even know what you are learning and what you can get from it. What’s point of doing this in the college phase? If everything is just gone to the pure form of work, then what’s the point of learning the things that could actually benefit you of your mind? Sociology is a great case of this. I really start to be lost of what people are doing these days.

Education is so archaic that it couldn’t solve some fundamental people’s problems. Sure not everyone is going to ask for a direction but here you can see there are people asking them, and it’s not small.

Society is a whole different concept than school itself. In the primitive stage of society, everything is free and can not not be free. This still applies today. Unless the government wants its people dead, and we have already seen the results.

It’s a free free world, what you would do is totally up to do, compared to what the school always lectured you to do, this is a whole new experience.

This sense of freedom and independence is crucial for one’s personal development and his later life.

We are not a society telling people what to do, we are a society that is encouraging people what to achieve. That’s what’s most important as of now.

Life is a journey, and it has no direction untill you set one. Nothing should be a procedure for the mere essence of someone’s convenience. 

The planning of your life is important, do what is needed to do and get what is value to have.

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