Homo Homini Lupus

Homo homini lupus.

A Latin proverb that translates to “A man is a wolf to another man.”

As an amoral friend of mine says, “Men are no other than bears to each other.”

People routinely put on masks walking among us, the beings underneath the masks may be beasts.

The world we created and developed isn’t exactly what we expect in the first place–a place for human(e) actions.

Even till today, the ancient proverb still applies, which just shows how much human society has changed since, and how we treating each other is no different than ever before.

Do you feel content to call your fellows a human? Human means humane, means it has human touch.

Our world currently is enjoying excessively rich resources and goods, this not only objectifies humans, but materializes them.

It’s not pessimism, it’s precautions. We are not regarding people as some saints from the very start, nor are they. And we are not seeing them as some pests initially. They are just some despicable beings, and they lack stimulations.

I’ve heard stands on discussing whether a man’s nature is good or evil. I say neither. A man’s nature lies within its very own rudimentary cells’ desires, the desires to live longer and reproduce more. Thus morals doesn’t apply to them, and they don’t practice them either.

Homo homini lupus simply explains this rudimentary relation between man and man.

Should you do something easy because it’s simply easy?

If it’s easy to eat another human being (both literally and figuratively), why don’t you do it? If it’s easy to kill someone, why don’t you do it? Don’t think about the consequences, only think of the actions. Most murderers don’t think of consequences when they commit murders, so do the people in controller class who killed thousands even millions of people and just don’t give a damn.

The very nature of “homo homini lupus” is that we don’t see other humans as human. We see them as threats, who are going to contend the same resources as you do.

Nietzsche had once disclosed the very cruel and grim nature of human, the morality itself in his study of metaethics. He says that humans only remember after the suffering from physical harms, the pure bodily torment makes them understand the change is inevitable.

To this point, I share an incredibly similar view with Nietzsche. I believe that human’s nature is despicable and petty/peasanty. Across all my experience, I sense the deep twisted mentality of my own people, the almost slave-like behaviors. You have to hit them, they go harder, and beat them, they would change. They won’t listen to you, until you dawn them with the punishment of whiplash.

Firstly I thought this is a very Chinese thing per se, I don’t have much stats on other peoples. And after I read Nietzsche’s work, it just deepens my worries.

This crude fact about human itself explains the crude truth of the manwolf. Every single man is a wolf that wears the skin that looks like human.

Homo homini lupus. A man is a wolf to another man.

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