Human Relationship

I never really notice this before I heard this saying from a video. It says, the human relationships, between friends and acquaintances, are like “you can only be a little bit worse than someone, otherwise your ‘friends’ are not going to be happy.”

I don’t believe this at first of course, and I don’t believe the possibility of it. The cheesiness of this saying is something that I don’t think could be explained by logic.

On first thought, why would anyone think like that, right? Why would my best friend, or some other my close friends think that where I am relates crucially to them?

I didn’t give much credit to the man who told me this.

Until recently, I told my friend that I’ve been busy of my days, which doesn’t usually happen to me, because it’s summertime and it’s normal to have people called you out in these days. And normally in work days, I’m still pretty available.

Later after I told him that, he turned very unhappy about the fact that I’m busy, which kind of surprised me. Because the whole time I’m staying this inactive makes me look like a loser while actually I am doing my things all the time.

For one, I wonder it’s whether that I was showing off the fact? Rethink of that, I was stating that I am busy these days, because events all cram together and schedule is tight. Two, is it really the what the saying states? That your friends only like you when you’re a little inferior to them.

This is fucked up, if it is true. But I don’t have an exact verdict yet.

I am not sure, I need more evidence.

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