The Damage of Robotic Education

I ask questions, many questions. And many of these many questions are critical questions.

I don’t see others ask these questions. Why? I don’t see them ask questions.

Humans are born questioners. They question everything, from the infinite night sky to who am I.

But, why don’t I see people ask these questions anymore? Is it that the questions are answered? Is it that they already know? Or…?

My student career accompanied me with tons of knowledge, and meanwhile, tons of questions. I try my best to find the answers for all the questions, and I ask all sorts of questions.

There are no dumb questions. All questions are valid.

You question, so you have answer, and you solve your problem.

Why I don’t see them ask these questions anymore? I think they are too hinged on the study of robotic materials.

I don’t think they are bad questioners, it seems to me that they have devolved the ability to ask.

How so? By memorizing stuff from textbook and stop your thirst for knowledge.

I think, everyone could be a good questioner, since it’s their natural ability. But if you loose yourself from it or deteriorate this ability, you are not going to ask critical questions anymore, and the end you probably wouldn’t ask questions anymore.

And that, I’d call it the doom of humanity.

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